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Intertek Welcomes PlayerLync to the People Assurance Team

Bozeman, Montana - Intertek Group plc (“Intertek”), a Total Quality Assurance provider to a range of industries worldwide, announces that it has acquired PlayerLync Holdings,...

Multi-Language Management Solution Wins Silver

Wisetail’s newly expanded Multi-Language management solution was awarded Silver in the Best Advancement in Learning Management Technology.

How Tech is Improving the Customer Experience

Learning shouldn’t end with school or the onboarding process. By creating a culture of continuous learning, companies will thrive and build a team of loyal high performers.

Average Worker Has 11 Tasks to Complete by the End of Each Shift

Learning shouldn’t end with school or the onboarding process. By creating a culture of continuous learning, companies will thrive and build a team of loyal high performers.

How Black Bear Diner Trains and Retains its Team Members

Learning shouldn’t end with school or the onboarding process. By creating a culture of continuous learning, companies will thrive and build a team of loyal high performers.

Embrace Lifelong Learners For Business Success

Learning shouldn’t end with school or the onboarding process. By creating a culture of continuous learning, companies will thrive and build a team of loyal high performers.

What Are Summer Fridays?

Summer Fridays are a company benefit in which employees are allowed to leave early – or at some companies, not work at all – on Fridays during the summer months.

Tips on Attracting Tech Talent During a Skills Shortage

The skills gap has left 79% of companies actively pursuing talent to address the skill shortage before it affects their bottom line.

Wisetail Sees Success for its LMS and LXP

Wisetail and its customers were named a winner or finalist by three different award programs in the second quarter.

Is this the key to feeling happier at work?

Over eight in 10 employees say this makes them feel much happier at work.

Digital Training is Essential for Restaurant Employees

Although even with the rapid technological advances that seem challenging to keep up with, employers need to keep themselves up to date and, most notably, their employees up to date with these changes.

Creating A Culture Of Learning Can Help Minimize Employee Turnover

This research paints a palpable picture: people are eager to learn and develop their skills, but their current employer has demonstrated that those desires are exceedingly low on the priority list.

8 Types of Software Restaurants Typically Use

Can restaurant software save you time and money? Yes! Learn how the right tools help you oversee sales, loyalty, inventory, and payroll data.

A Clear Picture: Strategy Driven By Learning And Development

By creating a Learning and Development strategy, you’ll position your company and your employees for success now and in the future.

ICX Association announces Elevate Awards finalists

The ICX Association has announced finalists for the 2022 Elevate Awards. GuestCounts Hospitality in partnership with Wisetail was honored for Lolavision for interactive staff engagement.

NRF 2022 Solution Spotlight: Wisetail

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct. Wisetail was honored to be featured as a Solution Spotlight!

8 Keys to Keeping Employees Happy and Engaged During the Great Resignation

Workers are now demanding a certain quality of experience. Employers who can’t live up to this new standard are facing higher levels of turnover, increased team relations challenges and disengagement from those that remain.

Why Now Is The Time For Retailers To Implement A Learning Management System (LMS)

In the retail space especially, no matter how seasoned the staff is, there are always new products on the shelves and customer situations to address.

Josh Bersin: Learning Technologies and Platforms 2022 and Beyond

The Josh Bersin Company’s breaks down all the layers of the L&D tech stack and highlights Wisetail’s Learning Experience Platform.

Tech leaders on How They #BreakTheBias

Tech leaders, including three Wisetail-ers, share their thoughts on this year’s International Women’s day theme—#BreaktheBias.

Why Meaningful Learning Can Yield Meaningful Results

With the average employee focusing on any 1 task for just 3 minutes, employers must find ways to make information fresh and fun and steer away from the traditional.

The Value Of DE&I In The Workplace

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace benefits your business and your employees.

Acceleration Mode: Retail Trends That Will Define 2022

Ali Knapp discusses how retailers must have the right tools to keep operations running efficiently and need to consider their digital strategy and employee experience when evaluating new tools to adopt.

Onboarding Gen Z Employees Successfully in a Post-pandemic Economy

While business leaders are busy figuring their company’s own future of work, new hires need their employers’ guidance now more than ever.

Great Resignation (Letter): Workers Are More Ready to Quit Than Ever

If you thought the Great Resignation was just an exaggerated media invention, consider this: 59% of Americans employed full-time already have their resignation letters written and filed away for the future.

15 Outstanding Independents That Dare to Stand Apart

Progressive Grocer celebrates forward-thinking indies in annual award program

4 Ways To Improve Learning Management System Usage in the Age of Experience

Brands whose primary goal is to build customer experience must train their employees properly to make it happen. One way to do that is by improving the usage of the learning management system.

Data Privacy Week: Raising awareness and encouraging compliance

It’s Data Privacy Week — an effort to empower individuals and enterprises worldwide to respect privacy, safeguard data, enable trust, and raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Real

The Great Resignation is more than just a phrase, and it could continue. Check out the results of a new study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Wisetail.

Top things companies can do to stop people from quitting

The industries that saw the most employees quit during the pandemic were healthcare (48%), real estate (46%) and hospitality (39%).

Predictions for the Future of Work in 2022

From a 4-day working week to using the metaverse in interviews, what could 2022 have in store for the working world?

Mo’ Bettahs Plots Growth Plan Backed by Hawaiian Values and Culture

The restaurant is powered by a “pretty healthy tech stack,” Ertmann said, like Compeat, Brink POS, Wisetail, Harri, ADP, ezCater, ServiceChannel, SOCi, and Ovation Up.

Industry Leaders Discuss Top HR Tech Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Various industry leaders shared their insights and thoughts on the top HR Tech trends with Ali Knapp, president at Wisetail.

With Strikes Mounting, Has Labor Reached an Inflection Point?

More than 100 million people – more than 38% of the working-age population – were not in the labor force in November.

Wisetail Survey Reveals Shocking Hybrid Work Trends

Contradicting discussion around the Great Resignation 86 percent of full-time employees haven’t started at a new company in the past year.

Despite Predictions, Nearly Half of U.S. Employees Will Be Back to the Office Full-Time, Wisetail Survey Reveals

Contradicting discussion around the Great Resignation, the study revealed that, 86 percent of full-time employees haven’t started at a new company in the past year

Delivering the Digital Restaurant: You can solve the labor crisis. Here’s how.

While no technology can replace the initial welcome and shadowing that demonstrate the culture in action, technology can help consistently convey what that culture is and how it shows up in each task the job requires.

4 Ways Your Company Can Give Back Locally

Ahead of the holidays, tech companies share how they support causes in their communities.

How One Company Used an LMS to Scale Their Workforce During COVID-19: A Case Study

According to the LinkedIn 2019 Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees said they would stay longer at a company that focused on learning and development.

Tips for Employee Onboarding in the Remote Era

The decision to implement a remote or hybrid workforce has left companies to work through the challenges that come along with it. Here are some tips to help your company through it.

The Value Of Implementing A Learning Experience Platform

Learning experience platforms can take a company’s L&D strategy to the next level with benefits including improved employee engagement, communication, and productivity.

Freebirds World Burrito is Deploying Wisetail’s LXP

Freebirds World Burrito empowers employee culture and engagement using Wisetail’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Wisetail Strengthens Support for Enterprises with New Learning Experience and Management Product Features

Wisetail announced updates to its platform that will allow enterprises to grow and scale with its learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP).

Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers Teams with SparkLearn

Wisetail becomes a CHART (Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers) Silver partner to continue to support its mission.

The Power of Putting People First: How to Win C-Suite Buy-In for Employee Training

In the words of Richard Branson, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Proving that fact to the rest of your organization might be challenging, but it will pay off — literally — in the long run.

Wisetail Announces Inaugural Client Advisory Board

Wisetail announced the formation of its Client Advisory Board (CAB). The first group of Wisetail clients to join the board include Cheesecake Factory, Krispy Kreme, Bagel Brands, REI, Smoothie King, Sweetgreen, Taco Time and Hospitality Capital Partners.

The Right Way to Onboard New Gen Z Employees in a Post-Pandemic Economy

In today’s remote work environment, Gen Z employees do not have the luxury of traditional onboarding processes. Hence, they need an onboarding process designed to help them succeed.

For Pasta Maker in Durham, Being Short-Staffed is the New Normal in Tight Labor Market

Ali Knapp said business owners who have focused on improving their current talent have survived. The ability to re-skill and up-skill current employees is paramount for restaurants.

Bersin: Don’t Overlook These 8 Factors in Creating Your New Hybrid Plan

In recent months, hybrid work has been one of the big topics of the Josh Bersin Academy’s ongoing Big Reset executive working groups.

One Montana Named Winner of 2020 Wisetail Works Grant

One Montana announced as the winner of the 2020 Wisetail Works Grant. The nonprofit works to sustain a vibrant Montana by identifying and resolving challenging issues.

The Joys of Hybrid Work. Ten Things We Have Learned.

Remote Work is here to stay. It saves time on commute, saves money on dressing up, and helps people deal with family issues at home.

Wisetail and Intertek NTA Partner to Launch Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Wisetail and Intertek NTA, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider of information security solutions, announced the availability of their joint Cybersecurity Awareness Training program.

World Password Day: Experts Share Best Practices to Keep Data Protected

On World Password Day, we spoke to industry leaders and analysts on the growing concern around enterprise security, data protection and WFH policies.

Zero Trust Digest | April 2021

We’re now in Q2 2021 and companies are announcing their return to office plans. What’s clear is that people want flexibility.

5 Digital Trends That Are Here to Stay, Time to Embrace Them

Buying behaviors developed during the time of COVID-19, including wide-scale digital usage, have emerged rapidly and will thrive long past the pandemic. To stay competitive organizations must respond and take immediate action.

How to Automate Your Work From Home Lifestyle

A surprising new poll, commissioned by Wise­­­­tail, asked work-from-homers and them-who’ve-returned-to-a-cubicle to share thoughts on a number of different office issues to help set your organization up for success while saving money.

Reflecting On One Year Since Remote Work

As we reflect on one year since remote work began we spoke to various experts on what the IT industry learned from a year of lockdowns and the role technology will play as organizations begin to plan a return to a new semblance of normalcy.

#ChoosetoChallenge Gender Disparities in Tech in Honor of International Women’s Day

Despite the rise of women in STEM roles within recent years, a recent report revealed major inequities for women in the field. Only 10% of women in a tech role work in a female-majority team, compared to 48% working in a male-majority team.

Wisetail Launches Learning Experience Platform to Build Companies into Communities

Wisetail’s LXP expands the LMS market by providing a personalized, social learning experience for users, enabling learning in the flow of work and fostering a collaborative learning environment to build a culture of community.