Onboard and Train Your Dream Team

See ROI sooner with learning and operational solutions built for a better onboarding and training experience.

Accelerate Success

Increase Productivity and Retention

Reach your goals faster when you unlock your people’s potential and set them on a path towards success, configurable to every stage in their employment journey.

From the Start

A Welcoming Onboarding Experience

First impressions matter – start building a long-term relationship from day one when you immerse new team members into your community with personalized homepages curated to guide learners successfully through their first days. Streamline administrative processes and ensure a consistent onboarding experience when you automatically enroll learners into learning paths.

Read About Effective Onboarding
Three snapshots of Wisetail LMS: welcome page with "Welcome to your LMS" and "About You" fields; comment saying "Hey, welcome to the team! Glad to have you on board!" and a snapshot of a module, showing three separate modules with text that says "Welcome to your first day! Start Here"

On the right path

Train and Track Compliance

Fast-track productivity with effective training strategies that build competency through e-learning, observation, and tests. Allow learners to show off their new skills when you reward knowledge proficiency with certifications and badges. Reinforce training and ensure compliance when you place learning into the flow of work and when it matters most with OnTrack.

Drive Accountability
Three snapshots of Wisetail LMS; first is a test, reading "Test. 1. When doing this task, you encounter a problem. To address this problem, you should..." Second is two badges showing certification – text reads "Certified Crew Trainer" and "Certified Shift Lead". Third is a snapshot of OnTrack Checklists, showing a Daily Cleaning Checklist and a video thumbnail.

At Every Stage

Continuous Learning

Enhance performance by engaging learners beyond the first 90 days with a one-stop-shop for all your learning and communications. Instantly notify learners of new, required, or recommended training or opportunities for career development.

Streamline Your Communications
Three snapshots of Wisetail LMS; first is a dialog communications board with a title reading "Now@ Moving Up: Interested in a promotion, but not sure where to start? Check in here – and celebrate others." Second is a window showing Enrollment, with text above a dropdown menu reading "Time to Complete: Countdown from enrollment date, Due date, or Recommended (No Due Date)." Third is a notifications inbox, with three notifications and one preview – the notifications read "You've earned a badge", "Your enrollment is due soon," and "New Enrollments"

Simply Powerful

Flexibility that Moves You Forward

Accelerate your business with solutions built to scale with you at every stage. Update and expand training effortlessly across your organization with easy-to-use course authoring and multi-language capabilities. Deliver targeted content and align your LMS to your organizational structure with powerful content permissioning and hierarchy management solutions.

Streamline Your Information
A graphic icon showing growth with an arrow pointing up to the right, and two snapshots of Wisetail LMS. The first reads "Learners Enrolled: 415 total users, All are true.." and continues to show details of the enrollment. The second is a Module Details window, reading: "Module Details. Title: Blank. Description: Blank. Text block: "Welcome to your training" with a translation option and text editing options.

Wisetail is the starting point for every single new employee. From branding to content, we’re able to confirm our standards have been clearly communicated to everyone across the company and all of our stores are delivering a rich and consistent experience to our customers.

Director of OperationsJuice Generation

Client Stories

See How the Best Get To Work

From humor and creativity, to culture and communications, to robust do-it-all systems, Wisetail has your training needs covered.

Dos Toros Taqueria logo with basket of tacos and salsas, on a red background

Dos Toros

Dos Toros uses humor and creativity to create an engaging, energetic environment that customers recognize right when they walk into a location.
Outdoor Voices logo next to woman stretching wearing Outdoor Voices apparel on blue background

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices found clever ways to gamify training, which resulted in month-over-month increases in KPIs through sales initiatives on their learning platform.
Smoothie king logo next to smoothie cup with smoothie flying out and strawberry, on red background

Smoothie King

Smoothie King’s LMS is part of their essential daily operations, a platform for everything from new team member training to engaging franchisees.