Wisetail and Intertek NTA Partner to Launch Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Online learning modules cover a range of important information security topics, including password security, social engineering and email usage

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BOZEMAN, Mont.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wisetail, a leader in learning engagement and management software that builds companies into communities, and Intertek NTA, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider of information security solutions, today announced the availability of their joint Cybersecurity Awareness Training program. These training sessions are tailored to give staff members the knowledge and ability to better protect organizational assets and their own information from cyber criminals with course content rooted in stories and anecdotes from Intertek NTA’s more than 25 years in the industry.

In our technology-dependent world, cybersecurity training is a crucial service that every company should offer its employees. Despite the increase in ransomware and other external cyberthreats over the past year, research shows that human error is still the cause of 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches—a number that can be lowered with the use of Wisetail and Intertek NTA’s new eLearning training program.

Intertek NTA have traditionally offered the Cybersecurity Awareness Training program in a face-to-face classroom setting, but with the increase in remote working, organizations Intertek NTA serves have not been able to execute classroom-led training. To accommodate the new normal of remote work, Wisetail and Intertek NTA teamed up to augment the traditional in-class training to ensure customers are still able to provide the critical training to their employees that is required to stay safe in the digital world.

The eLearning training can be delivered over a number of remote working/collaboration platforms, including the Wisetail LMS/LXP software. It can also be purchased via the Wisetail Shopify Library or can be delivered via SCORM to a learning portal.

Wisetail and Intertek NTA’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training package consists of the following components as standard. Modules are flexible depending on organizational policy and the desired outcome of the exercise.

  • Why is Cybersecurity Important?
  • How Organizations are Hacked
  • Password Best Practices
  • Social Engineering
  • Internet and Email Usage
  • Social Media
  • Using Public Wi-Fi

“We’re very excited to announce the Cybersecurity Awareness Training alongside our partners at Intertek NTA,” said Glenn Veil, CTO and VP of engineering at Wisetail. “Most people assume that cyber attacks can only be avoided with expensive, high-tech security software, and while those kinds of tools are very useful (and essential), the truth is that people have more power than they think. Just by doing little things like changing passwords regularly or knowing the signs of a phishing scam, every employee can help take control of their company’s cybersecurity and keep hackers one step behind.”

“Intertek NTA is passionate about helping our clients improve their cybersecurity,” said Tony Walker, connected world global business line leader at Intertek. “Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training is built from insights into the role of human error in cybersecurity failures that we’ve learned from penetration testing and social engineering engagements over many years. We’re delighted to be partnering with Wisetail’s online platform to bring this vital training to many more customers across the globe.”

For more than 30 years, Intertek has been a leader in cybersecurity, with over 180 cybersecurity staff in 6 offices across North America, Europe and Asia. Intertek’s organization focused cybersecurity services cover infrastructure and application penetration testing, including “Red Teaming”, Social engineering, staff training and forensics services, as well as auditing and verification to standards such as ISO 27001. Sectors served include governmental, finance, insurance, professional services, as well as retail and manufacturing. In addition to cybersecurity services for organizations, Intertek is also a leading tester for ICT products to standards, – including Common Criteria (ISO 15408), FIPS 140-2 /3, UL2900 and IEC-62443, as well as consumer IoT products with its Cyber Assured mark.

To learn how to add the Cybersecurity Awareness Training to your organization, visit this page: https://www.intertek.com/cybersecurity/awareness/

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