Operational Excellence in Retail Training

Create consistent brand experiences with a learning and operations platform built to engage and train team members from anywhere.

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Learning Solutions for Retail

Deliver and monitor essential training, manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and achieve sales goals. Streamline costs, communications, and operations seamlessly. Discover the features that make Wisetail the best (and all-in-one) addition to your toolkit.

Build Your Empire

Boost customer loyalty by ensuring the best possible experience in every store. Develop a powerhouse team of on-the-floor merchandisers driven to consistently deliver outstanding in-store experiences. By focusing on exceptional service and presentation, you can elevate your brand and create memorable moments for every customer.

Key Benefits

Reduce Onboarding Costs

Wisetail can reduce time to productivity by 40%. Quickly onboard seasonal employees so they’ll be ready for shopping surges – or deploy refresher courses for employees year-round. 

Develop Product Expertise

In retail, product knowledge is everything. Maintaining your training and communications in a central location ensures up-to-date messaging and timely promo roll-outs across all retail locations. 

Soft Skills Training

Teach soft skills and improve product knowledge for all employees, from Managers to Sales Reps. Your customers will experience the difference with staff engaged to meet their needs. 

Quick Mobile Access

Our mobile-first, intuitive, and easily searchable system means employees can find the product and service information they need, when they need it, so they’re ready to help with tricky questions. 

Features That Go to Work For You

One-Stop Shop
  • Quick links
  • Integrations 
  • Asset & document repository
  • Centralized communications
  • Culture & brand building
Your Branded Space
  • Custom login images 
  • Create custom site logo
  • Upload brand fonts & colors
  • Configure all page widgets
  • Default thumbnails & banners
Modern Content
  • Media rich content 
  • Embed media
  • Drag & drop builder made easy
  • Interactive e-Learning types
  • Micro, visual & audio learning
Efficient Operations
  • Digital checklist tool 
  • Save & schedule reporting
  • Configurable reports
  • Admin roles & permissions
  • Compliance tracking

Solutions for Retail

Foster successful learning initiatives and people strategies through a solution that accelerates training outcomes, streamlines employee onboarding, and ensures that every educational endeavor aligns with organizational objectives. Explore all solutions >

”Materials like e-courses are in there, information for specific job functions, information about the company if somebody wants more in-depth learning about the company. It’s pretty exciting. It’s getting better and better.”

–– Tempur Sealy

Client Stories

How the Best Get To Work

Discover how our clients infuse learning creativity with key performance indicators to maximize ROI. Explore their innovative approaches to building robust, all-encompassing L&D systems out of the Wisetail solution.

Parachute Home struggled with tracking completed training, offering continuous learning beyond onboarding, and with engaging team members meaningfully.

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USE CASE: Enhancing Learning Accessibility and Engagement Across the Organization with Parachute Home

To achieve their goals faster and sustain them over time, Polarity Partners turned to Wisetail’s LXD team to convert their comprehensive Polarity Certification Program, and two 300+ page companion field books into a series of digital eLearning courses.

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Navigating Leadership Challenges: Polarity Foundations in Action

To align operational, safety and quality assurance processes globally, Intertek Caleb Brett partnered with Wisetail to create a comprehensive training library consisting of 14 modules in four languages.

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From Inception to Impact: Crafting Caleb Brett’s Comprehensive Training Library

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