The Restaurant Industry’s Recipe for Training Success

Create exceptional guest experiences with a learning and operations platform designed for how today’s restaurants work.

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How Restaurants Use Wisetail

Serve up better guest experiences with a learning-first approach.

Whether you operate one, 10, or 10,000 restaurants, create brand-loyal guests. How? Enable your teams from the start with the skills, training, and resources they need to provide consistent experiences.

Make Learning Easy

Solutions That Work
for the Restaurant Industry

All-In-One Learning and Operations Platform

Managing content and learning is easier with your collection of training content, communications, and compliance management in one place, allowing you to maintain consistency and minimize risks.

Key Capabilities:

  • All-in-one learning and operational checklist platform configurable to how you work
  • Easy-to-use administrative dashboard and reporting so you can track training and make informed decisions
  • Automate user management and maintain a single-source of truth when you sync your HRIS or Payroll system.

Configurable Learning Paths

Increase success from day one with learning paths designed to deliver the training that employees and partners need to succeed. From Dishwasher to General Manager, or Franchise Owner to CEO, the opportunities are endless when you create paths designed to move learners beyond what they know to where they want to go.

Key Capabilities:

  • Modern content builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Permission content based on learner roles and attributes
  • Assess training comprehension through quizzes, homework, flashcards, observational checklists and more!

Centralized Communications

Wherever, whenever – be sure your team is on the same page. Share updates, answer questions, and recognize top performers within the Wisetail platform. With enhanced social capabilities, allow learners to engage and grow.

Key Capabilities:

  • Multi-Language content management makes it easy to create, manage and deliver training to learners in their preferred language
  • Dialog boards provide social learning opportunities to communicate to everyone or only specific audiences.
  • Social features allow learners to engage with one another, through group discussions, comment and liking, and without language barriers

Modern Experiences that Make Learning Fun

Support every learner through interactive experiences that enable engagement on any device. Level up the modern learning experience through gamification and friendly competition.

Key Capabilities:

  • Deliver bite-sized content to boost engagement and skills
  • Mobile-optimized to support learner interaction
  • Customized branding and design abilities to reflect your restaurant vibe

Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Our clients track and measure their L&D strategy so it aligns with KPIs. See how they add humor and creativity to training and communications to build robust do-it-all systems.

burrito bowl with fork on yellow background next to lumina foods logo

Lumina Foods

Lumina Foods, the parent of four food service companies, implemented their LMS as an efficient one-stop-shop for training modules and team resources.
krispy kreme glazed donuts on red background with krispy kreme logo

Krispy Kreme

The L&D team at Krispy Kreme used their system, Dough Pro, to reimagine how they deliver core training and services to franchise partners and team members.
caesar salad with chicken in a bowl on teal background with Chopt logo


Chopt uses Observation Checklists to verify skills training. In-person performance is logged, noted, and stored on the LMS in the learner’s profile.