Wisetail, an Intertek Company, Revolutionizes Workforce Training and Operations with New Product Offering

Bozeman, Montana – Wisetail, an Intertek Company and a leader in innovative digital learning technologies, proudly announces a new and enhanced product offering following its integration with PlayerLync’s technology. This new digital platform is built to close knowledge gaps for frontline workers anytime, anywhere. This launch marks the unveiling of a refreshed Wisetail brand that now includes:

  • Learning Management powered by Wisetail: A continuation of Wisetail’s innovative learning management solution that has set existing industry standards.
  • Content Management powered by PlayerLync (NEW!): A cutting-edge addition, providing robust content management capabilities, designed to optimize operational efficiencies and challenge industry norms.
  • Operations powered by Wisetail: A continuation of Wisetail’s renowned operational checklist solution that streamlines daily business processes and enhances efficiency.

Complete with offline functionality, the platform supports real-time performance tracking, precise data insights, flexible reports, and configurable content delivery available precisely when employees need it. This seamless integration significantly reduces the complexity and disruption of searching for the right reference material, enhancing the overall user experience.

By combining these elements, the new and enhanced Wisetail solution offers a comprehensive approach to managing workplace learning environments, empowering organizations to optimize operations and enhance learning outcomes. The integration is accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user experience. “The integration of PlayerLync technology represents a new era of Wisetail, transforming the landscape of workforce training and operations,” said Ali Knapp, President of Wisetail. “Our new platform not only enhances learning management and operational solutions but also provides unparalleled access to critical resources, driving both efficiency and operational excellence in the workplace.”

Benefiting from this new era of combined Wisetail and PlayerLync technology, Black Bear Diner, has significantly enhanced its operational and training capabilities. “For us, it’s important to be able to find a partner that is evolving,” explained Joanna Dean, Black Bear Diner’s Vice President of Information Technology & Culinary Services. “We want to be with a forward-thinking partner that’s able to work with us to refine the definition of employee enablement. We all need to be working with partners that are looking toward: What does the guest need from us? What do our team members need from us? And, ultimately, how is that all changing?”

About Wisetail

Wisetail, an Intertek company, is a pioneer in learning and development, focusing on empowering the frontline workforce and building strong brands through effective training and operational insights. Committed to continual innovation and improvement, Wisetail’s solution set industry standards and redefine workplace learning. Wisetail delivers blended learning at its best, creating limitless engagement opportunities and generating results that matter – anytime, anywhere. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, Wisetail is leading the transformation in how organizations learn and engage.