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Hello Alfred: Adapting to the New Norm

Hello Alfred has made a significant switch to how it operates in a very short amount of time. Before the pandemic, the company provided an array of task-oriented consumer services, ranging from laundry to dog walking. Since entering this new normal, at-home services can no longer take place. In response, its leaders pivoted the entire business model to an offering called “Alfred Delivers.” Their LMS, the Batcave, has been essential to company-wide communication and coordination now more than ever. Watch Hello Alfred discuss how this business shift happened and how they have leveraged their LMS to educate employees across 20 different cities on this new program.

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American Eagle: Making the Shift

In this webinar we directly address how the ongoing pandemic has affected and continues to affect the restaurant, retail, and fitness industries with Ali Barry, Manager of Learning and Development at American Eagle. We also share how some of our clients are using the Wisetail LMS to educate and inform their employees about COVID-19. We also offer this webinar as a platform to ask questions, connect, and share common challenges with other L&D professionals facing similarly unprecedented situations.

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California Pizza Kitchen: Creative Menu and Training Rollouts that Educate and Engage

For a company with over 10,000 employees, it’s important to effectively communicate new menu rollouts and initiatives. California Pizza Kitchen has mastered the art of doing this through their LMS, The Proof, which has proven to increase training completion and overall engagement with their site. Join Kirby and Veronica from CPK and Ryan Kramer from Wisetail to learn the tips and tricks this L&D team has used to educate and validate employees on new menu rollouts. Come learn how they raise the roof with The Proof.

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Wisetail President Ali Knapp sits down with Emily Code and Hanna Freedlund of MM.LaFleur to discuss how MM.Lafleur is changing the retail landscape by offering various ways to shop and empowering their customers.

See how MM.LaFleur approaches training to build engagement and drive the customer experience.

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Nobu Restaurants: Why Creating a Great Learner Experience Matters

Join Stefanie Eigen, Corporate Training Director at Nobu Restaurants, Lana Dalton, Internal Marketing Specialist at Wisetail, and Rachael Nordby, Client Experience Lead, to walk through Nobu’s approach to training and explain how to strategically take advantage of the features and functionality of the Wisetail LMS to create a clearly defined learner’s path. During this webinar, we cover:

  • Tips for designing an easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing homepage
  • How to utilize the pages function of the LMS to organize groups of content
  • Creative techniques to organize training content within module
  • Overall learning content layout and mapping strategy
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Torchy’s Tacos

Wisetail’s Hudson Magee sat down with Cristian Goff, Manager of Learning & Development at Torchy’s Tacos, and explored L&D strategy behind Torchy’s explosive growth.

With over 88% user adoption across 60+ locations with Wisetail’s LMS, Torchy’s has set the bar for training and development.

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Noodles & Co.

Join us for a chat With Tanny Nanda, Former Learning & Development Manager for Noodles & Co. During this webinar we cover:

  • L&D shifts and how they’ve affected his programming at Noodles & Co.
  • Tanny’s experience with Wisetail at Noodles & Co.
  • Onboarding training vs. continuous training – how to do both more effectively
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The Melt Shop: Using Internal Marketing to Increase Employee Engagement

One of the main goals of an L&D professional introducing employees to their first LMS is to achieve buy-in and high adoption rates right from launch. Georgette Vlangos, who has 18 years of experience in the L&D industry is a longtime Wisetail admin, having first operated Chopt’s Wisetail LMS. Now she’s an admin for The Melt Shop’s platform, The Cheeseboard. It’s the first LMS implemented at The Melt Shop, so having a strategy in place ahead of time was essential. Join Georgette and Ryan White from Wisetail to discuss the successful tactics she used to roll out this LMS to her users. During this webinar, we cover:

  • Successful strategies for rolling out an LMS, specifically to employees who are transitioning from paper based training
  • How incorporating your company’s marketing into launch plans and modules can increase engagement
  • Effective methods of module building utilizing Wisetail’s array of media types
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Want to become a Wisetail admin expert? Curious to learn more about our platform? We would like to introduce our product webinar series! Check out our webinar on different features of our system.

eFood Handlers + Wisetail: Ready Made Content

We’re talking food safety, compliance training, and beyond. eFoodHandlers provides ready-made content that you can use with your LMS. Join Melissa Smith, COO of eFood Handlers, and Lana Dalton, customer marketing specialist at Wisetail, as they talk about the eFoodHandlers content line-up. We also discuss how to use your LMS to create a cohesive training experience, and provide an in-depth look at how Wisetail’s LMS delivers eFoodHandlers training content.

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Protek People Assurance

Health, safety, and wellness are top of mind worldwide. Protek People Assurance is the end-to-end solution certifying your commitment to the highest standards of safety for your people and consumers. We talk with Rhiannon Parker, COO at Cristal Standards and CheckPoint Solutions, about how your organization can commit to operational excellence.

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Admin Tool and Systems Tab

To kick off this series, we will be covering the basics of the admin tool and systems tab. This will provide you the building blocks to become familiar with the admin side of our site. Join two of our implementation managers from our Client Experience team, Claire Neumeier and Amy Gaudielle, as they take us through the admin tool and systems tab of our platform.

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Modules Tab

Amy and Claire are back and are covering the modules tab. Modules are the central core of your LMS and are the main delivery tool for all learner content. They go through the basics on how to create a module, add content, and all of the settings that we have available for modules.

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Content Tab

Claire Neumeier and Amy Gaudielle dive deep into the admin side of the Wisetail platform—specifically, the content tab. They go through all the various types of content that you can upload, as well as an overview of how content is organized within your site. Join Amy and Claire as they take you through this section of the Wisetail LMS.

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Pages and Widgets

This week, Amy and Claire discuss how to utilize Wisetail’s pages and widgets, two features that form the groundwork for your site’s organization. They take you on an overview of system and custom pages, as well as the widgets to build these. This week is an entertaining deep dive into some actionable tactics for building the foundation of your Wisetail platform.

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User Management

In the fifth installment of the series, Amy and Claire walk through the users tab—how to manage your users, user roles, and the intersection of users and your datafeed. Plus, they’ll dig into the differences between system and custom roles. Watch this webinar for a deep dive into the finer points of user management.

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Enrollment and Permissions

For the sixth installment of our product webinar series, Amy and Claire will cover how to enroll users and set permissions on specific pieces of content. They discuss how you can utilize the Wisetail rules engine to assign content to specific users and put gates on certain modules.

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Erin Moran: Leveraging Culture as a Competitive Advantage

In this keynote, Erin discusses the challenges of defining culture and providing a great place to work, leading change, and the lessons learned along the way.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the war for talent is shifting towards purpose-driven work
  • How the various parts of a business contribute to culture
  • How to use growth to advance culture
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SkiftTable + Union Square Hospitality Webinar: Enlighted Hospitality is the New Normal

Join Skift Table Founding Editor Kristen Hawley and Erin Moran, Chief Culture Officer of Union Square Hospitality Group to explore how restaurant leaders are adopting new strategies to interact and engage with their employees. They will examine the theme from both an operational context and within the larger industry ecosystem, providing a broad analysis about how restaurants are connecting with employees at every available touchpoint.

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Going Live: How to Instruct and Teach in an Emerging Virtual Environment

We host a Q&A session with Sarah Quinttus, a fitness and wellness professional and also the manager and instructor at Soulshine Power Yoga, a boutique yoga studio in Vermont, who has had to bring her classes and the yoga community to an online platform. Watch the webinar to see what actions Sarah took as her studio has been forced to close their doors and shift from leading workouts in her studio to leading classes from a remote location.

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Beyond Training: Turning Your LMS into an Intranet

The purpose of an intranet is to share company information amongst employees. When we think holistically, the purpose of an LMS is the same—a place to share and deliver company-wide training. So, why not bring those two items together and make this the one-stop shop central to your people’s daily workflow? Join Louise Schelhammer, one of our sales engineers here at Wisetail, and Lana Dalton, our internal marketing specialist, to chat about how to turn your Wisetail platform into that central hub for all internal documents, announcements, and resources for your employees.

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