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We’ve sweated it out with some of the fastest growing fitness brands in the business. With you, we’ve learned that building strong studio communities of invigorated team players ready to champion your brand and motivate others, is integral to keeping your business energized.

LMS for Fitness

If you’re focused on finding operational efficiencies, deploying consistent training fundamentals, improving oversight, and ensuring everyone is stepping to the same beat, then leverage the Wisetail LMS to master L&D fundamentals while you scale.

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mockup of wisetail admin software; multiple boxes, including text: reports; enrollments overdue, enrollments pending; top performers: marissa thompson, april rhodes; need assistance; 231 users online
mockup of wisetail social features, including lots of text; picture of man, text: Welcome to the Team, Joaquin! Please gives a warm welcome to Joaquin Highwater, our new General Manager for Store #1921! Very excited to bring him on board. - Posted yb April Rhodes - comments from Danny Watkins and Joaquin Highwater - STOKED to meet you , Joaquin! and Stoked to meet my new team, Danny!; comments from Keagan Madden and Liam Jones - You are hereby recognized! Way to go, great job bringing #1921 up to speed so fast" - from Keegan Madden; Hey, you're one of the best managers I've ever had! - from Liam Jones. Text: CONGRATS! You're the Top Performing GM in Q2 for Southwest Region!; text: Joaquin H. Job Title - General MGR; Start Date - 2/19/18; Employee ID; Store NO. Phone Number.

LXP for Fitness

Want to turn up the volume on learner engagement? Use our LXP’s social, communication, and engagement features, geared towards connecting your community of fitness advocates so they’re inspired to share your brand promise with every customer.

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Invigorating Fitness Brands

Key Benefits

Scale Efficiently

Experience cost efficiencies as you grow. Manage trackable, centralized communications, quickly deploy consistent training, and roll-out timely promotions for your network to sell and win new customers.

Train Exceptional Trainers

Make sure every class is up to par when you deploy consistent, engaging, media rich content to trainers at all locations. Create mobile friendly micro content to be consumed on-the-go for busy schedules.

Cross-Train & Up-Skill Employees

Create nimble studio teams able to flex in times of change when you provide cross training for multiple positions – instructor and front desk – and give managers the ability to track and leverage a range of skills.

Enhance Studio Culture

Bring studio culture to life for all locations in your network when you encourage sharing – pictures, videos, and stories from the field – with our engaging social features.

Features that go to work for you

Modern Content

  • Media rich content builder
  • Interactive SCORM & xAPI
  • Micro-learning
  • Shares, likes, & ratings
  • User Contributions


  • Mobile-first design
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Watch Later playlists
  • Set & forget enrollments
  • Save drafts when moving fast


  • Communications hub
  • Compliance tracking
  • Configurable reports
  • Roles and permissions
  • Digital Daily Checklist tool

Branding & Design

  • Login images
  • Design your LXP Logo
  • Brand fonts & colors
  • Configurable page widgets
  • Custom navigation bar
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Boutique Fitness

The boutique fitness industry has grown substantially over the last decade with a new generation of clients who demand a different kind of workout. We talked with our clients, Cardio Barre, Outdoor Voices, and barre3 to find out why Wisetail works for fitness.

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The Wisetail LMS for fitness displays an iPhone with an LMS of fitness content.

Better, faster, stronger

Reduce time to productivity when you deploy critical onboarding pathways. And, build company culture and deliver ongoing development in an engaging format right from day one – stop losing employees and start seeing better results.

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Business Needs

Solutions for Business

Whether you need a traditional LMS or the social features of an LXP, our key features are here to help you successfully execute on your Learning & Development and people strategies.

Employee Training →

Keeping employees engaged and growing is more important than ever in today’s competitive talent market.

Sales Enablement →

Effectively launch promotions nation-wide and drive sales with friendly competitions between studios and timely metrics tracking.

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Client Stories

See How the Best Get to Work

Our clients track and measure their L&D strategy so it aligns with KPIs. See how they add humor and creativity to training and communications to build robust do-it-all systems.


Learn about the game-changing impacts of Jazzercise’s investment in Wisetail. The world’s largest dance-fitness company and needed an LMS as dynamic as they are.
woman doing yoga wearing maroon leggings and grey shirt next to barre3 logo, on orange background


Read about the strategy and tactics barre3 employed to help better connect the more than 700-person instructor team working across the nation.


See the LMS behind Flywheel’s explosive growth. With over 79% user adoption across 40+ locations with Wisetail’s LMS, Flywheel has set the bar for training and development.