8 Types of Software Restaurants Typically Use

fool.com, May 18, 2022, Jessica Elliott 

Can restaurant software save you time and money? Yes! Learn how the right tools help you oversee sales, loyalty, inventory, and payroll data.

The right restaurant software automates repetitive tasks and lightens your workload. But your food and beverage business also uses tools to manage or schedule employees, oversee inventory, and drive brand loyalty.

While some point of sale (POS) systems provide all-in-one services, in many cases, restaurateurs purchase software subscriptions to bolster specific aspects of operations from training to payroll. Learn how business owners select and use standard software services.

The 8 types of software restaurants typically use:

  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Accounting software
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online ordering platforms
  • Third-party delivery apps
  • Employee training applications
  • Scheduling software
  • Payroll programs

Employee training applications

Restaurant turnover is generally high, making it critical to quickly onboard new employees while taking steps to retain existing team members. Since your staff members spend most of their time engaging via smartphones, it makes sense to use mobile-responsive training software.

Add a learning management system (LMS) to your training program, such as:

  • Wisetail: Your staff can use Android or iOS devices to access Wisetail training materials with real-time feedback, while the app updates your management and ownership teams.

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