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Meet our community of creators, developers, agents, and purveyors of top-notch service responsible for our award-winning products and services.

Wisetailer Definition

Noun. Wistail-er: A passionate individual who looks to amazing software to solve business problems, share learning, and create engagement and community.

Meet Some Wisetailers

Award-winning software. Top-notch client experience. An ever-expanding company community. Meet the creative, talented, and passionate Wisetailers.

Hear from some Wisetailers

Adrian Brown

Cybersecurity Analyst & IT Specialist

Alexandra Wong

Junior DevOps Engineer

Ali Knapp


Ali vibrates with passion. From exploring the mountains of Montana (snow-covered by skis or dry by means of motorcycle!) to yoga power-jam sessions (anyone else still vibin’ to the Superbowl HalfTime performance playlist in their yoga class?), she moves through life with intention and a Health Aid Ginger Lemon Kombucha in-hand. It is no surprise that her emoji mascot is a koala; representative for being strong and determined to protect what they are passionate about.

Ali fearlessly leads our team while listening to a diverse mix of new and old country (embracing Montana), Spotify electronic-chill mixes (hello productive jams!), and MoTown classics (repping her home state of Michigan). When she's not feeling music beats, she's listening to leadership development podcasts - an ultra-favorite of hers is How I Built This.

A true builder at heart, Ali is motivated by a challenge. “I like being able to take pieces of something and put them together to create something that builds on itself. Departments, teams, projects, people… I love building what becomes,” she said. She sees opportunity in the questions: How can I put in the time and energy to solve challenges? Which solutions can I bring to them? All of which is evident in her eight-year journey within Wisetail. She described those years as: “Challenging. Collaborative. Rewarding.” Paralleling Ali’s personality and dedication to embracing nature and sustainability, those three words are much like the apex of a mountain climb (and the very fun name we call our own internal LMS).

Reflecting on advice she would give her younger self, she did not hesitate to say: “I would tell my younger self to operate better in the gray. So much success is built on how you operate. Life isn’t black and white. Business isn’t black and white. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is something I strive to be better at daily!” - Wisetail President Ali Knapp

Amelia Cáceres

Senior Product Designer

Although she resides in rainy Seattle, Amelia beams with curiosity and genuinity. She is passionate about functional art, intentional feedback, and innovative solutions to interesting problems - all in reimaginative ways. Sounds like a dream Senior Product Designer, huh? That’s why she rocks it as our own. “Overall, I am passionate about art in all of its forms. I love experiencing it and being a part of it. I'm excited about all the ways we can express ourselves. I really enjoy experiencing something someone made and then talking to people to see how it made them feel and why. It brought me to where I am today.” Her favorite aspect of working on the Wisetail team is the foundational value of learning. “I love what I am doing with this team.I get to work on creating awesome instructional/learner experiences and improve the framework that informs our design choices! I’m excited to see where our failures and successes lead.”

Amelia loves to sing, draw, and practice yoga + gymnastics. She enjoys travel (Spain is one of her faves and was one of her homes!), hobbies that challenge her to learn new art tools, and truly understanding people. “My desire to analyze why people feel the way they feel bleeds everywhere in my life… even when I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer!” One of her favorite meals comes from her childhood in Cuba - white rice, beans, eggs, and a banana - savory with a hint of sweet! One piece of advice she would give her younger self? “Follow your own path. Trust that you know yourself the best. And find your own solutions.” - Amelia

Amy Gaudielle

Lead Account Manager

Andrew Laufmann

Sr DevOps Engineer

Step into Andrew’s workspace and you’ll find yourself nodding your head to steady rhythms and funky baselines. His two dogs keep him company during his working hours, and snooze by his feet as they wait for his workday to draw to a close. As Wisetail’s Senior DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer, Andrew enjoys the detail oriented nature of his position, the creative problem solving inherent to infrastructure design, and working hard to improve the world around him. Some days he gets to fix broken pieces, and others he gets to build new elements. “I like to make the world a better place, and by improving Wisetail’s infrastructure, I’m leaving it better than when I found it.”
When Andrew is off the clock you can find him spending time with his family, diving into strategy games, and learning more about his favorite topic: history! He’s especially intrigued by American history, and with his personal connections to the Pacific NorthWest, he is drawn to the exciting and adventure laden events that led to the rise and boom of the Western states. For those interested in learning more, he would greatly recommend the podcast ‘The Dollop’ for its quick-witted retellings, and their knack for describing peculiar events with riotous humor. Andrew brings his sense of humor everywhere he goes. “I love to make people laugh. It brings people together and makes the day more enjoyable. It’s just nice when you have that energy.” His adventurous, fun-loving attitude pervades even to his love for food. His most noteworthy dish was acquired during a recent trip to Mexico, and consisted of a spinach-like vegetable, and fresh pancake-like bread. BRB, we’re grabbing our passports!

Angie Kersten


The magic behind the branding of Wisetail? That’s all Angie. She creates the entire experience behind design at Wisetail. She’s our #GraphicDesign lead and has much to say about why she loves working on our team. “I get to have a lot of unique experiences. I really get to see a lot of unique areas of work due to our small yet nimble team. As a designer, it is easy to get put into a slot and work one isolated area. Here, I get to work with all different areas of design.” - Angie Kersten

Angie is passionate about a lot of things: social issues, standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves, compassion, and design. She is an artist at every level; she loves to draw, paint, sculpt/throw pottery and even writes comics + novels. “There are so many areas of design and each field, each place, individually, is so interesting. I love design details.” She never turns down sushi and is constantly talking to her cats.

Ann Bona

Marketing Manager

Ann is our Marketing Manager on the #Wisetail Marketing team and there isn’t a detail she doesn’t miss! She is the ultimate behind-the-scenes gal and supports the strategy our team collaborates on, making it all come to life. “I get to work with so many cool people and implement so many great programs for our team to utilize.” Ann always has a very tactical perspective on to how to efficiently execute projects when we are deep in brainstorming mode. She is also located in Green Bay, WI for all you #cheeseheads!

Ann is passionate about creating, in all forms (hence her love for #DIY!). She runs a memorial soccer tournament that raises funds to an endowed scholarship in her friends honor. “All of the tournament, party and raffle proceeds fund an endowed scholarship in her name at her alma mater. It's a really fun way to honor an amazing person!” Ann is in the midst of remodeling a house. Her biggest goal for this year is to finish it and be able to move in. “I love to DIY everything from tables to light fixtures to signs, you name it - I’ll try to DIY it. That has definitely made our home remodel take just a wee bit longer!”

Ashley Mazzullo

Implementation Manager

Ashley thrives from the excitement surrounding the collaborative work she's a part of with clients and their platform development! She is a part of our Implementation team. “I really enjoy getting to help everyone strategize their training plans, layout their site, and keep it fun and engaging for their users.” Her favorite aspect of working at #Wisetail is how supportive of an environment it is. One of her big 2022 goals? To enhance her project management skills by taking a Project Management course!

Ashley absolutely loves being outside. Within every season, she finds a way to enjoy the outdoors (she doesn’t have a bad playground up in Kalispell!) through hiking, backpacking, skiing, and more all with her husband and dog Milo. She moved to Montana when she joined the Montana Conservation Corps 10 years ago and fell in love. Her palate craves enchiladas and she has been volcano boarding in Nicaragua! “Volcano boarding… well, it’s more like sledding down the side of a volcano on a piece of wood. It was fun!” - Ashley Mazzullo

Professional goal: To enhance my project management skills by taking a Project Management course.

Briana Perrett

Account Executive

Chatting with Briana will leave you feeling utterly understood and amped all at the same time. She brings intention, clarity, and her personable energy-matching to every conversation! She’s been a dancer for 20 years, can never pass up a crab cake or mac’n cheese, and is an Account Executive on our #WiseSales team. Thinking about her favorite aspect of the team, she reflected: “I love that I have to channel an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve my own goals. I love the relationships I develop and how it’s a personal connection. The knowledge I gain from talking to all these different companies is so cool. I don’t think I would have ever known much about different industries and companies. It’s the insight in knowing - oh this is sort of how it works!”

Briana is motivated by independence and freedom - in both her professional and personal life. In a past professional life, she was a brain trainer. Don’t know what that is? Briana used to help adults and kids boost cognition skills via different game formats (math, memory, and so on). Pretty sweet! Giving her younger self advice, she would pass on the knowledge: “Devour while you’re young, so you can divide when you’re older.” If she were to write a book, she would title it “Get Out of Your Feelings” and encourage the power of loving each other, not just intimate love but how to practice niceness within oneself and to one another. “If we can practice the same nicety we have for ourselves, we can learn how to practice it on other people. I believe it would eliminate a lot of our issues.”

Brittany McCulley

Account Manager

Brittany is organized, has a type-A personality, and is motivated by the endless options in life. “What motivates me is all of the potential that is out there in life. That is what inspires me!” No wonder she’s an amazing Account Manager on our Client Success team, huh? She loves understanding client values and goals for their L&D approach. “I love talking to clients and getting to know their goals on a more personal level.”

When she’s not coaching client success in the most organized way, Brittany is eating her favorite almond croissants from Bozeman’s Wild Crumb. She enjoys Montana’s outdoor recreational activities, cooking traditional Mexican food, and traveling - she loves the Tetons and they will always be a favorite destination. As for giving advice to her younger self, she would say: “It’s not that serious. Chill out and do not take everything so seriously!” Oh and speaking of her younger self, did you know Brittany did not learn how to swim until she was 16? And then she became a lifeguard shortly after? Talk about fast learning and ambition!

Carmen Borg

Business Development Representative

Casey Mai

Account Manager

Casey hails from Northern Idaho but currently resides where Wisetail headquarters resides - Bozeman, Montana. Friday trivia question - What is Idaho best known for? Potatoes. Follow up - What is Casey’s least favorite food? Potatoes. Ding ding ding! Although Casey is an avid traveler and has eaten a wide variety of foods (ask her about eating guinea pig!), the award for her favorite food will always go to a classic steak. Awarding favorite travel destination isn't as easy though. Having visited over 15 countries, it’s hard to choose. She can narrow it down to Peru for the scenery and Argentina for the food (see: beef capital of the world ). Casey considers herself a busy traveller. “I am very passionate about traveling. From paragliding to parasailing, I love to pack my days full of things to do, keep me busy, and look for things to jump off of. One of my favorite memories is hang gliding in Brazil.”

As for how Casey fits into the Wisetail family, she is on our CX team as an Account Manager. “I love the people on this team here at #Wisetail. I am fairly new; everyone is so unbelievably helpful and so nice. This is the best group of people and the best work team. The culture of Wisetail is what I love above all. Our product reflects our culture for sure!” - Casey Mai

C.W. Holeman III

Senior Technical Support Agent

Nothing is ever boring with C.W. Have you ever met someone who orders the one unknown food they haven't heard of on a restaurant menu? Now you have! He is a bit of a Renaissance man and is passionate about creating/constructing art of a half dozen varieties with mediums from fiction writing to blacksmithing to photography and woodwork. It's no surprise he says, "If I'm not making, I get itchy."

To describe his position within #Wisetail, C.W. simplified it: "When Wisetail doesn't work, I figure out what's broken." He has been a part of our team for 2.5 years and loves the lifestyle he has created since going remote. "It is more my life and much less work's life. Work has become a part of my life rather than work being my whole life." - C.W. Holeman III

David Campbell

Senior Engineering Manager

David Moczygemba

Technical Support Engineer

Devon Pelton

Account Manager

New to the crew; Devon is on our Account Management team within CX. Devon has big aspirations and goals for Wisetail. “The best part of my position is that I’ll have the ability to help clients achieve their own goals and, in return, advocate for some of Wisetail’s goals.” In addition to her important role she has on our team, she is getting her MBA at Washington State University (go cougars!) and will be finished this year.

Devon is a massive Jeopardy! fan and watches it She is also a massive food fan (do we actually trust anyone who isn’t?), saying: “I am always in search of the greatest buffalo wings. I am a real fan of the classic Franks sauce and I know it’s basic but I really love it.” She eats her wings to classic rock with her Shitzu-mix pups in-tow. Regarding the historically long debate of wet sauce vs. dry rub for wings, she commented: “Wet sauces for sure.”

Elizabeth Whitbread


Elizabeth’s workspace exudes soothing energy, from the calm silence of her work station to the faithful bunny rabbit that rests at her feet. She is Wisetail’s Financial Controller, and while she deeply enjoys the analytical and number oriented nature of her position, she is truly motivated by the individuals she works with. She loves getting to know people on every level of the business, and learning what makes them tick. She often finds that this people oriented mindset is the best way to approach challenges in her position. “Accounting is in all of our lives and it can be overwhelming, so I just help people understand the language. I always try to be the person that helps others feel comfortable with accounting.”

When Elizabeth isn’t working, you can find her diving into her holistically oriented hobbies, including astrology, wellness, pilates, and walking. “I am on my 10th month of walking 10 thousand steps every day. That’s almost 3 million steps in the past year!” Elizabeth embraces her mindful health routine wholeheartedly, and if there she could tell her younger self any piece of advice, it would be: “There is something to be learned from every part of life's journey, good and bad and it is all temporary, good and bad.” She’s also a passionate traveler, with a soft spot for cold climates like Jackson, WY, and Bozeman, MT, but she’s no stranger to the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, either. This makes perfect sense, considering she loves everything about seafood. Who could turn down fresh crab legs, and poke?

Evan Melick

Senior Director of Product Management

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: here at Wisetail, it’s about the people. And we are fortunate enough to be led by some amazing people. One of those people is our Senior Director of Product, Evan. Want a prime example of what makes Evan a great leader? We asked her if she had a consistent outlook throughout her life. Her response: “I assume positive intent. Whoever you encounter, assuming that 99.9% of humans have positive intent helps reframe frustrations, hurt, anger, and all of those things.” She is passionate about helping people be better humans. “I love that Wisetail is all about bettering people. Internal and external. I love that Wisetail is a choose-your-own adventure place. I am super committed to continuing to drive that culture forward. Because people don’t necessarily leave companies that they love if they can have different experiences.”

When Evan isn’t encouraging, supporting, and bettering our team, she’s listening to Billy Joel or Simon & Garfunkel. She’s at a high school basketball game eating nachos (her life quest is to find the perfect plate). She’s on a road trip listening to her favorite podcasts “Hidden Brain” or “The Tim Ferris Show.” She’s deathly terrified of frogs and, looking back, would give her younger self the advice: “Everything will work out.” If Evan were to write a book, it would be all about appreciating life looking in the rearview mirror. It would be titled “Whatever Decision You Make, It’s the Right One” because “when you’re making decisions at different junctures, always go with your gut and make it the best. You can never piece it all together until you’re in the rearview mirror. When you give yourself grace and space to reflect back, it’s all so fascinating to see it together.”

Gerry LaBarbera

Senior Software Developer

Hayley Karol

Digital Specialist

Hayley’s aura is warm, bubbly, and observant. She hails from West Virginia but calls Belgrade, Montana home. She lives life to the sounds of Lindsey Stirling, dogs snoring, and her own personal advice to: “Stay weird. You find the most authentic connections that way.”

She loves hiking, rafting, and being outside (what really brought her out west in the first place!). She is our Marketing Generalist, supporting our sparkly initiatives through her genius lens of creative writing and meticulous observations.

“Although I am new to Wisetail, I am excited to explore new areas of this company. I see endless potential with the trajectory of Wisetail as a team and with my position individually. I love that Wisetail allows me to be creative all around, in a technical space.” Hayley is passionate about creative thinking and motivated by endless expression. “I love writing, art, and being expressive in my day-to-day life. I like to make things prettier than how I found them.” It can’t be left unsaid that Hayley does make everything she touches more beautiful, all while enjoying her favorite buttermilk mac ‘n cheese recipe.

Hoyt Allen

Business Development Representative

James Potts

Senior Software Developer

Jamie Kenison

Marketing & Content Strategist

Jamison MacKillop

Implementation Manager

When we asked Jamison what we’d hear if we were a fly on the wall of his remote office, he jokingly answered: “How squeaky my chair is,” followed with some laughs and a final answer of “ambient music - something that helps me keep my rhythm for the day.” This is important to point out because Jamison keeps our team’s beats in sync. He started a #nowlistening Slack channel and supplies us with endless focus music.

Other than his amazing music taste, Jamison’s favorite color is pink (you should see the pink velvet couch in his house!), he loves fishing (a hobby he adopted in his late 20s thanks to his father-in-law), and traveling, but only with destination locals if he can. He’s a fan of open-ended poetry, pasta (endless diversity in dishes!), and comedy. “I try to maintain a sense of humor - personally and professionally. I don’t take myself too seriously. I think that it is helpful in growth to look at yourself in different lights. If you’re able to laugh at stuff, it maybe doesn’t have as much control over you as you think it does.” - Jamison

As for his role as an Implementation Manager, Jamison was quick to express his appreciation of the team. “I like this team. I feel people are really invested in each other. We have really good rapport. It is incredible that when someone has a question, everyone’s hands go up to help. It’s the environment that I thrive in.” He is passionate about connection and spending time with people. “Because I am motivated by being with people, I don’t tend to do things isolated in a vacuum. I like helping people grow.”

Juniper Emnett

Product Manager

If you had to describe Juniper in one word it would be, dynamic. To know Juniper is to know she never turns down spicy Thai food, once held the nickname Doomsday D. Vice on her roller derby team, and has a rooster who’s internal clock is off (nothing like a midday cock-a-doodle doo!). Intrigued? Us too. Juniper is a veteran #Wisetailer, being with us for a little over 6 years, she now resides on our Product team. Funny enough, she credits some of the roles she’s stepped into to one of her past hobbies: “I give credit to some huge changes in my life due to roller derby. Once you start doing things out of our comfort zone, you continue to do that in other areas of your life.”

Juniper is passionate about constantly learning. Whether it’s renovating her historic Bozeman home, gardening, social + racial injustice, landscape design, or building a big structure (such as her upcoming garage!), deep research is her jam. That passion directly correlates with her product project management. “I get a lot of personal joy out of the long term strategy thinking. I get to have some fun-in-the-moment conversations, especially with clients surrounding exciting new products. The best thing about Wisetail is that there are opportunities always available. I’ve been able to take on projects, be on a different teams, and do things I’ve never done.” - Juniper Emnett

Kat Claypool

Director of Sales

Whether it be a one-to-one meeting, a sales call, or a company wide briefing, there is something that happens to one after a meeting with Kat. Kat embodies an animation that makes everyone smile, loosen up, and feel invigorated. She is the foundation of pep for our sales team as our Leader of Wisetail Warriors (aka Director of Sales!). Not surprisingly, Kat says the best part of working within her position is: “The people we get to meet. And finding a customized solution that’s going to bring their company into a community. Whether that be a community created for them or our Wisetail community.”

Interestingly enough, Kat’s personal passions reflect the same robust energy she brings to our team professionally - however, in ways you wouldn’t expect. “I have always wanted to be a professional sports mascot. It's physical comedy. It’s bringing smiles to people’s faces with only gestures. Mascots ARE energy.”

Another one of Kat's passions is sandwiches. She argues that anything can be made into a sandwich and eats those sandwiches listening to a lot of 80s rock, along with her other eclectic music preferences. She has two exceptionally beautiful dogs: a Golden Retriever and a Belgian Malinois, both of which she walks in her preferred shoe of transportation: Crocs.

Kayla Dusenberry

Senior Technical Support Agent

We cannot introduce Kayla without first letting you in on the fact that she was Wisetail’s very first and (in the beginning) the only tech support person! Since then she has continued to support our tech support growth through her upbeat, positive, and hardworking attitude. She is now our Senior Tech Support Engineer and continues to be passionate about her role at Wisetail. She loves resolving issues and getting to the root of why tech problems are happening. “My passion is helping people. I love the people I work with. I love our clients. I also love getting to use the technical side of my brain. If I couldn’t dig into that, I would go crazy!” - Kayla

When she’s not digging deep into #tech, she is doing all things farm on her property in Bozeman, Montana. She is surrounded by the sounds of tractors and dogs barking, and loves all things horses. From riding on a mounted drill team and ranch competitions, to mounted shooting and trail-riding, her favorite hobby includes horses. She was a horse trainer in college, too! She jokes “there are no days off!” Kayla couldn’t do it all without her staple favorite food: ice cream - specifically, Wilcoxson’s (a local Montana maker!) - and the occasional steak.

Kyle Reichelt

Product Manager

If Kyle had a superpower, it would be remarkable knowledge. He is always educating himself, was once a mathlete, and is a frequent listener of learning podcasts - whether it’s historical or "Stuff You Should Know." As for how his constant education plays into his position on the Product Management team here at #Wisetail, he says: “I like solving the big challenge. We always have a new big challenge to adapt to and we always come together to solve them.”

His favorite food is fish tacos (do those ever sound bad?!). Some of his 2022 goals? To complete career development courses on LinkedIn Learning. Kyle is passionate about the Dallas Cowboys, coffee, his family, and positive change - in any shape or form. “I try and make the best of any situation.” - Kyle R.

Lavinia Lee

Product Analyst

Enter Lavinia’s world and you’ll be inspired by her spunky goofiness, pure engagement, and innovative personality. She is a Wisetail Associate Product Manager, based out of Toronto, with a pure passion of helping others. “I am passionate about creating anything that helps people. I really do enjoy helping in whatever way, especially individuals that may not necessarily ask for help.” Assisting, volunteering, and being of service is a defining characteristic of Lavinia. “Anytime I can lend a hand, I am always very keen to throw my efforts into any sort of situation where I think I can make a difference.” Within Wisetail, she thrives at the opportunity to influence product development. “I like the opportunity to make decisions that affect a large group of our users in a positive way. I like making lives easier. It's not easy, it’s nerve wracking but it’s such a fulfilling part of my job. I get to see how that decision helped in some way, big or small.”

She considers herself “half-decent” at karaoke and has an impressive list of career-prior-lives before joining our team. From culinary school to working for the Canadian government, she has dabbled in many different industries with an expansive list of titles - all to bring her immense empathy in her work with our learning platform. She’s an avid traveler (noting a special shout out to Iceland, Italy, Ecuador, and the Philippines), is most productive to either silence or 90s/2000s diva ballads (hello queen Celine Dion!), and never says no to chicken fingers. In fact, french fries are a favorite food of hers and she specifically likes waffle fries due to the balance of crunch, dip, and texture.

Lori Bowers

Staff Accountant

Marci Johnerson

Director of Operations

Marci is our Director of Operations and is the keeper of all the details! She keeps our #Wisetail team on track for deadlines and everything in our president’s world in order. Marci says her favorite thing about being on this team is that she constantly feels appreciated and valued.

Marci lives and breathes the outdoors; she slays giant fish at Fort Peck every June, remarkably bow hunts in the fall, and backcountry camps with her husband and two kids. If you ever need tips on #growth, Marci has a monster organic garden every summer that flourishes in her Bozeman backyard. She moved to Montana by herself for that reason! “There is no better place to be for all of this stuff than Montana!” she says. She is passionate about nutrition, learning about health, and a good steak with a wedge salad or Brussel Sprouts.

Marcus Zoeller

Principal Software Engineer

Martín Galvan

Technical Support Engineer

Mary Zahran

Content Manager

Matt Otzwirk

QA Engineer

Matt’s #remoteoffice is outside of Reno, Nevada but most of us feel like we're sitting right next to him! He is the first to stir up #watercoolerconversation on our Slack channels and has impacted our remote connection in such engaging ways. Matt is a Wisetail Software Quality Assurance Engineer. Having trouble with any of your Wisetail products? Matt is probably working behind the scenes for a fix to make sure you’re happy!

It's no coincidence that most of our Wisetailer Spotlights include something about “the people” being everyone’s favorite aspect of working where we do. From our internal company culture to the everlasting relationships we build with clients, it always comes back to the foundation of our love for people. “It’s easy to say the people of Wisetail are my favorite part of working in my position. The people here are just so welcoming and encourage work-life balance.” - Matt O

Outside of work, Matt is passionate about his family; his family fuels him as motivation in everything he does, professionally and personally. He loves a good tri-trip steak and exploring in his Jeep. Matt is also passionate about music. “Music, in general, is the soundtrack to my life. If I didn’t have music, my life would be very very boring.” He started drumming at the age of three (while watching his father's traveling band!) and enjoys a good deep dive on any sort of history, but music history is one of his favorites.

Max McGee

Account Executive

Max is on our #sales team as an Account Executive. Based out of Cleveland, Max is a die hard fan for all Cleveland-based sports teams; the Guardians, the Cavaliers, the Browns… you won’t ever find him cheering in another fan base. Fun sports fact? He has caught SIX baseballs at MLB games. And he’s given them all away in the end! Max competes in an annual rib cookout and ends up in the Top 3 ever year. He admits: “My dad has a secret recipe that I might have made my own.” Office bbq party anyone?

Professionally, everything about Max screams friendly and helpful. He is passionate about helping others and being there for everyone - internal and external to Wisetail. “The best part about my position is my work within solving problems and helping out in any way I can. I probably solve somebody else’s problems before I fix my own! I like to make people happy and I am unselfish when it comes to growth and development. I want everyone to be the best they can and have that within myself, too.” - Max McGee

Neil Alexander

Senior Software Engineer

Philip Anderson

Senior DevOps Engineer

Ramya Nagarajan

QA Manager

Ramya is a part of our engineering team. She is a lover of exploration, travel, and dancing. “Most people don’t know that I love to dance. It is a necessary thing in our current stressful life.” She could eat sushi for days and considers the soundtrack of her life to be any work of A.R. Rehman. Slum Dog Millionaire, anyone? 😍

When asked about her favorite part of being on the #Wisetail team, she elevated her teammates endlessly and credited them for being the best solution-oriented listeners. “I want to mention and say thank you to the people of this company. Everyone is so humble and respectful of each other. The main thing I love about working with Wisetail is that we have a great team and an awesome attitude. We all help each other.” - Ramya Nagarajan

Ryan Kramer

Lead Technical Support

We often call him Kramer - because to us it sticks more than Ryan. That’s how nicknames go, right? They are endearing and inspiring; the same way Kramer leads our #techsupport team as our Tech Support Manager. “I like removing blockers for people for success and helping everyone achieve their goals at the end of the day. That’s what I thrive on. In a management role, that’s what I get to work on with my team. I love supporting the folks that work at Wisetail.” A pillar of Kramer’s personality is ownership. This translates to what motivates him: “I am striving to be the man my kids see me as. Growing up, you always think your dad is the hero. I am striving to constantly be better than yesterday. I am stretching myself to be an example to my kids and taking ownership over that.”

Kramer can jam to anything from rowdy metal music all the way down to chill low-fi beats. A burger with fries never sounds bad and when asked his favorite travel destination, he answered: “We live in a destination, I have no real desire to travel anywhere outside of the west. I can never see everything in Montana in my lifetime. I like exploring where I can on my feet and my bike.” His hobbies include training jiu jitsu, spending time in the outdoors (all the Montana things!) with his family. One thing he would tell his younger self would be: “Peace comes from consistent hard work. Don’t be afraid to be new at something.”

Ryan White

Head of Account Management

Ryan brings a cool and calm energy to our Wisetail team as the Director of Client Success. Ryan is passionate about building relationships with his community, being reliable, consistent, and adaptable as well as trustworthy and honest. He places importance on having a strong work ethic all while providing unparalleled service to our clients one-on-one and within leading his team. “In my position, I get to see such a holistic view of how our company operates in supporting clients. I also get a holistic view into how our clients' businesses are run. Overall, I get to work with how we can help create value and solutions for them through our software. It’s great to see that landscape and how Wisetail inserts itself to help our clients run their business. Client success is a constant variety. It’s fun to go through the process to solve those critical problems. It takes a solid understanding of our company and clients to make it worthwhile.” - Ryan White

Pumping him up to provide the best client success is Mumford & Sons Radio (or maybe some Red Hot Chili Pepper-esque vibes) and a favorite food of New York Strip steak. He enjoys fiction books - “I love everything from Harry Potter to Stephen King. I love stuff I can just get lost in,” he says - and is a lifelong recreational outdoor advocate. From hiking and mountain biking to skiing and flyfishing, Ryan lives in Montana to play in the backyard of his state! He has played ice hockey his entire life and has never missed a Boston Bruins game. Reflecting and speaking back to his younger self, his advice would be: “Don’t stress about the little things and they are all little things. Sometimes things aren’t ideal but it will always work out. Today, I focus on areas of success instead of things I cannot control.”

Shad McNeil

Solutions Engineer

Shad exudes energy! He is a singer-songwriter, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, and an Implementation Manager on our #Wisetail team. Shad is new to our team but has jumped right in, saying: “I am going to enjoy this position a lot. I am getting to meet people all across the country and know that we are helping them turn their business into such a better experience for each of their employees. Every time I get off of meetings, I realize - wow - we really are turning these companies into communities.”

If we were a fly on the wall of Shad’s remote office, we’d most likely hear the Bridgerton Soundtrack (the best focus music! For real.) or some Morgan Wallen. He is passionate about improving the lives of his CrossFit clients’ and enabling them to find what they are passionate about. “I love connecting the people I work with to their purpose and their drive. I love helping change people’s mindsets and enabling them to improve their quality of life in a very tangible way.” He is attending his second-ever CrossFit Games in Madison this summer and can also never turn down a good, organic homemade burger.

Toni Nigrelli-Lafleur

Product Marketing Manager

Toni is our new Product Marketing Manager! She is a fresh face to Wisetail - hailing from the Appleton, Wisconsin area and joining just last month. Within only a month of working with her, it is easy to notice she is very calming, creative, intentional, thoughtful, and full of spark with organic thought processes. She works with instrumental music on and splashes of color around her to gleam creativity. She is passionate about marketing through and through. “My favorite part of Wisetail - so far - is the opportunity to dive into new industries. I’m really looking forward to drawing connections and identifying synergies between how communities are created through the infrastructure of culture and learning… community building through organizations overall.” - Toni

One thing to note about Toni is that she has a *slight* competitive edge. She played water polo in college and taught swimming lessons for eight years. One piece of advice she would give her younger self is: “Continue to be your authentic self.” Her favorite food? It depends on the day but pizza and Mac & Cheese never disappoint. When she has time for hobbies, she loves art: traditional drawing, painting, being in nature...and she is a newly formed pottery wheel-fan. Although, she says: “starting out, I am not very good. There are a lot of 80s-style bad ash trays that come out of it right now.”

Trent Terra

Account Executive

Tyler Klein

Account Manager

After having a conversation with Tyler, it is no surprise to genuinely feel his passion in life is human connection. Tyler supports our CX team as an Account Manager, but supports his passion for client success (and really, people success) in different areas of his life as one major trend. “What I am most passionate about and what I love about Wisetail are similar: the people. I believe if you surround yourself with high-quality people that you really care about and that care about you, good things are going to happen. Within account management, I am facilitating growth in teams and that brings me a lot of joy.” Aligning with that value, Tyler finds the same passion in his personal life with his own family. “For me, it will always be about family. A lot of the decisions I make are centered around asking myself if this meshes with our values and priorities. My motivation will always be supporting my family and having time to connect with them. We don’t get time back.”

Prior to joining the Wisetail team, Tyler worked with the US Army and MLB teams on resilience training strategy and high athletic performance under pressure, all with the foundation of his PhD he obtained from Florida State in Educational Psychology + Sports Psychology. He attributes his experience of learning what motivates athletes and high-intensity teams (some by lifestyle status, some financially, some by the love of action, some by internal goals, and so on) for better aiding and supporting him in understanding the drivers of people all around him. In fact, he is co-authoring a submitted manuscript for publishing on high performance in the DoD space. By far, his most used emoji is the cowboy and - in typical dad-fashion - he confided: “I love all food. I cannot pick one. I don’t pick favorites.”

Rebecca Blanksma

Lead Implementation manager

Even through the screen in a virtual meeting, you can feel the warmth of Rebecca’s curiosity and empathy. She prioritizes relationships and is the first with a hand raised wanting to know more and dive deeper, regardless of topic.

She is our Lead Implementation Manager and is passionate about improvement, in all aspects: “down to my core, it is my mission to improve the way we work. Whether that’s for my team or my clients, I believe whole heartedly that I can enable people to be successful and advance at work and in life, which in turn helps people reach higher goals economically and in their own communities."

Rebecca studied economics and to no surprise, her favorite course was the Growth of Developing Nations. “What can I do as an individual to make other people’s lives better, how can I advocate for people, and what can we do to help people get to where they want to be? I believe strongly in #L&D and Wisetail is a fantastic platform to facilitate all of this.”

Rebecca is from Muncie, Indiana (yes, she’s a Parks & Rec fan - Leslie Knope is her own personal mascot!) but had the chance to live in Italy and France in high school. She loves anything outside - from paddle boarding to cross-country skiing to just hanging with her dogs. If she could give her younger self advice, it would be to start a mindfulness practice. If she had to eat one thing forever, it would be nachos. “I am very meticulous about them. They have to all be very crispy.”

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