Learning Solutions for Franchise Success

Streamline operations, cut expenses, and uphold brand consistency across your franchise network. Equip franchise owners with the tools to standardize training, ensure uniform compliance, and manage communications efficiently. Foster a cohesive brand identity throughout your franchise system by centralizing the critical functions that enhance overall guest experience.

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Enhance Brand Compliance

Equip your entire franchise network with top-tier, uniform training to ensure brand compliance and exceptional customer experiences at every location. 

Scale Rapidly

Standardize training and facilitate new store openings, all while preserving your culture with centralized communication tools. Deliver in multiple languages to ensure inclusivity, comprehension, and consistency.

Effective Communication

Enhance communication by implementing roles and permissions for audience segmentation to ensure timely and accurate information sharing with the appropriate groups within your expanding franchise. 

Engage Digital Natives

Drive engagement across all generations with social learning, collaboration, gamification, and more. Reduce turnover and build brand loyalty with features built for learning in the flow of work.  

Operational Efficiencies

Streamline daily operations with OnTrack Checklist Solution. Enable team collaboration on tasks, improve reporting, and cut storage and paper costs while ensuring no detail is missed. 

Features That Go to Work For You

Modern Content
  • Media rich content builder
  • Interactive SCORM & xAPI
  • Micro-learning
  • Shares, likes, & ratings
  • User Contributions 
  • Mobile-first design 
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Watch Later playlists
  • Set & forget enrollments
  • Save drafts when moving fast
  • Communications hub 
  • Compliance tracking
  • Configurable reports
  • Roles and permissions
  • Digital checklist tool
Branding & Design
  • Login images 
  • Design your Logo
  • Brand fonts & colors
  • Configurable page widgets
  • Custom navigation bar

Manage It All – Anytime, Anywhere

Scale business, enhance communications, boost team engagement, and streamline operations with comprehensive Content Management — online and offline.

Mobile First

Reduce time to productivity when you deploy critical onboarding pathways. Build company culture and deliver ongoing development in an engaging format right from day one – reducing turnover and start seeing better results. 

Centralized Communications

Scale business, enhance communications, boost team engagement, and streamline operations with comprehensive Content Management — online and offline.


new store growth in 3 years

“[Wisetail] gives us the ability to scale even quicker. Operators and their employees have immediate access to information from anywhere at any time in the restaurants, allowing teams to learn and adapt faster.”

–– Blaze Pizza

Client Stories

How the Best Get To Work

Discover how our clients infuse learning creativity with key performance indicators to maximize ROI. Explore their innovative approaches to building robust, all-encompassing L&D systems out of the Wisetail solution.

To streamline learning and ensure consistency across all franchise locations, Slim Chickens implemented an operational checklist solution.

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USE CASE: Ensuring Operational Consistency at an International Scale

Torchy’s Tacos’ L&D team curates content and delivers it directly to staff members to increase adoption of their platform, Taco Dojo.

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USE CASE: Curating and Delivering Learning Content for Your Audience with Torchy’s Tacos

Parachute Home struggled with tracking completed training, offering continuous learning beyond onboarding, and with engaging team members meaningfully.

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USE CASE: Enhancing Learning Accessibility and Engagement Across the Organization with Parachute Home

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