Wisetail Strengthens Support for Enterprises with New Learning Experience and Management Product Features

New offerings include Low-Bandwidth Mode, OnTrack Daily Checklists and Multi-Language Tool

businesswire.com, September 9, 2021

BOZEMAN, Mont.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wisetail, a leader in learning engagement and management software that build companies into communities, today announced updates to its platform that will allow enterprises to grow and scale with its learning management system (LMS) and learning experience platform (LXP). Specifically, Wisetail announced a new Low-Bandwidth Mode, OnTrack Daily Checklists and Multi-Language Tool.

Low-Bandwidth Mode
Enterprises can struggle to keep critical software tools online and functional when poor network connectivity is their only option. With the Wisetail Low-Bandwidth Mode, users can access essential resources and training in their Wisetail platform even when the internet is inconsistent. The Wisetail solution remains synced and online during Low-Bandwidth Mode, using the lowest amount of bandwidth possible, so data including user progress and test scores are never lost.

Low-Bandwidth Mode can create a uniquely focused learning environment within the Wisetail platform that restricts access to everything except specified content. Supported media types in Low-Bandwidth Mode include all testing types, videos and more, so learning is never interrupted even if the internet connection is.

Low-Bandwidth Mode was designed with locations such as kiosks and mobile units in mind as these places often have special operations, menu or product knowledge needs without the proper connectivity to support them. Investing in separate networks for these kinds of locations can cost companies millions of dollars, but Wisetail’s Low-Bandwidth Mode solves the problem with no additional fees.

OnTrack Daily Checklists
Wisetail’s new OnTrack Daily Checklists help enterprises connect learning and doing with a scalable solution that brings communication, training and operations under one roof. With OnTrack Daily Checklists, enterprises can streamline administrative tasks and create transparency by improving compliance adherence and quality control.

Wisetail’s new checklists also help establish reporting rules between HQ and the field by providing an admin reporting dashboard as well as a daily progress tracker. The checklists support media uploads, so users can provide image references or photographic proof that can be uploaded directly from a mobile device.

The checklists are user and admin-friendly with a mobile-first design to ensure checklist completion and management are the easiest part of employees’ day. Wisetail’s drag and drop content builder plus five configurable question types make for easy drafting, and actions create transparency around outstanding to-dos and timely follow-ups where needed.

Multi-Language Tool
Wisetail understands that teams work better together, which can only be accomplished by creating learning paths that are accessible by everyone at home and around the world. Wisetail’s new Multi Language Tool establishes system-wide multilingual management, ensuring the system can be navigated with ease and content can be understood by all.

The Multi-Language Tool helps enterprises achieve their expansion goals with a single learning platform for the entire company at home or abroad. With 18 different languages to choose from, and more being added all the time, businesses can easily add languages to their Wisetail LMS or LXP as their company grows.

Wisetail lets users take control of their content by offering both automatic and manual translation across the system. Users can select their preferred language from their first interaction with the site—be it the welcome email or login page. Then they can easily toggle between languages whenever they want for a fully tailored experience.

“Training is an incredibly important, foundational element of every enterprise, and we want to provide our customers with all the necessary tools and resources to make training a success,” said Evan Melick, director of product at Wisetail. “With our new Low-Bandwidth Mode, OnTrack Daily Checklists and Multi-Language Tool, we’re making sure everyone has access to the best content at all times and can continue to contribute to their brand community.”

“We’re thrilled to see these latest updates in our Wisetail platform,” said Lauren Strang, manager of learning and development, Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation. “We’re constantly striving to be more efficient as we grow as a brand, and with the new feature updates for scheduling and auto enrollments, we’re able to ensure consistency and safety compliance no matter where learners are.”

Wisetail has also added additional updates to its platform:

  • Bulk Actions: Allows users to complete many actions at once. This update can help with activities such as changing modules all at once, rolling out new content and retiring old content at the same time.
  • Native Content Builder: Users can easily build new content including training materials in minutes rather than months without ever leaving the platform.

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