Build a Communications Hub

Bring all your conversations to one spot and reach learners near and far with timely updates and critical resources.

Digital Water Cooler

Multi-way Communications

Get conversation started with a platform designed to facilitate the flow of information.

Build Community

Leverage communication and social functionality to bring a dynamic and vibrant community to life within your organization through the Wisetail platform.

  • Reap the benefits of a holistic approach when individuals learn, share, and grow together.
  • Foster curiosity and connection among learners.

Collaborate Remotely

Empower learners to break down silos, ideate, and explore new concepts and strategies with Wisetail’s user-friendly communication and collaboration tools.

  • Increase engagement, productivity, and sharing when learners contribute to your knowledge base.
  • Creativity sprouts when ideas can cross-pollinate.

Ensure Alignment

Align teams around shared goals with consistent communications. Admins can direct messaging to specific groups, so the right people always have the right info.

  • Cultivate trust with transparent, timely communications that build buy-in and shared ownership.
  • Accomplish more together with clear objectives.

Centralize Information

A one-stop-shop for updates, documentation, and resources. Use your LMS to streamline the sharing of mission-critical information.

  • Reduce redundancies and frustrations when you create a repository for core business resources.
  • Provide accessible, just-in-time learning.

Efficient, Effective

Get the Word Out

Centrally managed corporate communication makes your operations more agile. Two-way communication allows innovation to bubble up from all corners of your company.


Open the door to conversations between learners and subject matter experts.


Ensure information reaches everyone with widgets, announcements, and required content.

Clickable Banners

Call attention to time-sensitive, essential information right from the home page.


Multilingual functionality minimizes translation issues and maximizes productivity.

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announcement graphic examples with comments

Every module, every course, every communication from our CEO is a little story about where we’ve come from. where we’re going and how we can create a community that you can be involved in and you have a say in how it all works for you as an individual.

Senior Program Manager of National Deployments and Internal CommunicationsEinstein Noah


A Communication Hub

Visible to everyone, easy to manage, and trackable. Harness the power of a social media platform in your own controlled environment.


Social & Collaborative

An invested team builds a cohesive company culture. User profiles and contributions give your people a sense of ownership and a sense of community.

User Profiles

Offer professional development with enhanced user profiles and custom badges.


Real-time feedback ensures training hits the mark and gets better over time.


Give your learners a voice in the matter with polls and LMS surveys.

User Uploads

Empower learners to own and build on culture with dynamic user contributions.

Your LMS is a Communications Superpower

What do you do when something previously under your radar suddenly changes everything? What can you do? These are some of the questions percolating in the minds of businesspeople ever since the pandemic hit. Hello Alfred leveraged their LMS as a communications tool to address these questions.

Client Stories

See How the Best Communicate

Communication features give you the power to build culture while keeping your business moving and growing.

hello alfred's new logo, Alfred, above image of man holding multiple packages on red background

Hello Alfred

Hello Alfred uses its LMS to communicate operational changes to locations across the country, keeping its business moving and employees prepared.
Dos Toros Taqueria logo with basket of tacos and salsas, on a red background

Dos Toros

Dos Toros builds culture by soliciting anonymous employee feedback and maintaining open lines of communication between workers and leadership.
text: multilingual training. illustration: woman sitting between speech bubbles, holding a laptop or an ipad

Multilingual Training

Multilingual training – Take an inclusive approach to L&D to offer the same opportunities for advancement, development, and education to all your employees.