Predictions for the Future of Work in 2022, January 20, 2022, Josephine Melvin
  • Looking ahead to what this new year will bring, we’ve collected industry expert predictions on the future of work in 2022.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a colossal impact on the working world. From remote working to flexible hours, could these temporary adjustments to the ways we work become permanent?
  • We’ve collected predictions from a range of industry experts, including HEWN’s Will Kinnear, Feefo’s Julia Owen and more.

The past couple years have had an enormous impact on the way people work, the COVID-19 pandemic forcing teams to work from home where possible for prolonged periods of time. However, while many were sceptical at first, this new normal has come with a number of different benefits, and has shifted the way we work into a more flexible and diverse environment.

From a 4-day working week to using the metaverse in interviews, what could 2022 have in store for the working world?

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