What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a buzzword you’ll see often in the LMS world.

In general, it’s used to describe short, quick learning material. Think of a microlearning piece as a bullet point on a PowerPoint presentation–easy to remember and incredibly engaging.

Most pieces of microlearning are videos, and most are 90 seconds or less.

People are savvy consumers of information. If a post on your Facebook feed doesn’t immediately catch your eye, you just scroll to the next one. Learners scroll through training content in the same way. They’ll sniff out off-the-shelf, inauthentic content and won’t engage with the material.

All that probably sounds intimidating. But you don’t necessarily have to hire a production company for these quick-hitting training pieces. It’s simple enough to make one with just your smartphone and a little creativity.

Why should I use it?

Organizations turn to microlearning for many reasons. It’s effective, it’s efficient, and it’s pretty cheap.

Learners digest and remember information better in a tightly-focused piece. A simple minute or two is enough time to explain what they’re learning and why. And that’s really all you need. If the content’s available on a mobile device, learners can put that knowledge to use right away.

Research from Bersin by Deloitte, a research group focused on learning strategies, shows that learners only have 1% of their week to training and development. They’re more likely to get through a course if key points are condensed to 90-second chunks rather than one 90-minute webinar.

The same research showed that more than 70% of employees use a search engine to find the information they need on the job. A library of microlearning content gives those same learners a better place to go and ensures that they’re learning the right material.
You can make the content yourself with just a smartphone and a laptop. It’s easier than you think. Creating your own content lends a natural air of authenticity, which goes a long way for engaging learners.
And once you find a rhythm, you can update the library of content as often as needed.


What is SCORM?

Basically, it’s a simple way to package online training content. It looks like a slideshow. When you build SCORM content, it downloads to a .ZIP file. Then you’re able to just pop it into a compliant LMS and it works. Simple as that.

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