What is eLearning?

Like most “e” things, the “e” in eLearning stands for “electronic learning.”

It’s a broad umbrella that covers any learning material that’s delivered online.

eLearning offers a more efficient and cheaper way to learn and train than traditional classroom-based learning. Courses are typically delivered through a web-based learning management system (LMS) that tracks various metrics.

eLearning is time and cost-effective for businesses. Trainers don’t have to travel to each specific location to train employees in person. Learners can stay on the job. And when employees miss less work for training it cuts down costs two ways: cutting travel and lodging costs, and keeping productivity high.

eLearning also allows for greater consistency in training.

As you can imagine, it’s just about logistically impossible to have hands-on, one-to-one training as an organization scales up. With eLearning, every learner is presented information the same way.

So consistency is simple.

Being able to find the information you need when you need it makes for more productive work and more effective learning. Learners have an easier time digesting and remembering information if they’re able to consume it quickly and apply it right away.

It might seem tough to ensure that learners complete the necessary content. Especially if they’re doing the work on their own.

But the delivery system, an LMS or a SCORM course, tracks when a learner opens the material. It also tracks the learner’s progress and if they pass at the end.

Of course, all these benefits come with an important caveat: the content must be good.

Really good.

Because the learner is self-directed, if the eLearning isn’t engaging, the learner isn’t going to work through it in a timely manner. And the information won’t stick with them beyond the time it takes to pass the quiz at the end.


What are common eLearning Terms?

Like every niche industry, eLearning has its own vocabulary. It’s easy enough to pick up the lingo if you keep your ears perked up. But, in an effort to ease the learning curve, we’ve collected several common eLearning terms for you.

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