Who uses the Wisetail LMS?

Organizations of all types who want to power their culture though online learning and development.

Many different types of companies use the Wisetail LMS. A common thread among them is a shared philosophical belief in how to approach online learning and learner engagement. From the beginning we designed our software with an empathy for the learner and an emphasis on the importance of community.

The reason we focus on engaging learners is because the best competitive advantage is an empowered, intelligent staff. We empower our own staff, and actively seek partners who do the same. The companies who share our values — who think like we do when it comes to learner engagement — are those we form strong, long-lasting partnerships with.

You can’t force learner engagement, though. That’s why we built the Wisetail LMS with empathy for the end user. We want learners to want to use the system, and we don’t want anyone to get left behind.

Another common thread among our partners is a desire to reach the growing millennial workforce. The Wisetail LMS has a look and feel reminiscent of commonly used social media sites combined with the rigorous features and functionalities of a traditional LMS. The familiarity of our LMS makes it as intuitive as it is interactive. And we offer a level of customization and support unmatched in the industry.

We’ve partnered with more than 150 forward-thinking companies and organizations. They fall in a wide range of verticals and industries. Restaurant, hospitality, retail, franchise, online education, corporate, non-profit and enterprise. They’ve all found our values-based approach effective.

If your company or organization values learner engagement and cultivating a community of learning, reach out and schedule a demo.


Why use an LMS?

To grow your passionate workforce by standardizing employee training or reducing time to productivity or improving customer service or any number of very real and important key performance metrics. Or the answer could be more Learning and Development (L&D) focused by focusing on developing people through learning supported by better tools. There are a multitude of answers.

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