Motivating Users in Your LMS

Learn how to motivate your users by offering prizes and incentives in your LMS. Regular meaningful recognition goes a long way in keeping your users engaged and bought into your learning strategy.

We started to think about the topic of how to shoot video on a smartphone back in December.  We’ve always believed in the power of video for training and at the time we were getting ready to film a quick video of the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bridge near our office we supported through Wisetail Works.  We thought, how awesome would it be to shoot this on a smartphone AND make another video on how we did it also using a smartphone?   The first part of the project turned into a video for the Burke Park Bridge dedication.  This video is a training tool on how we did it.

The value of creating rich, engaging cultural stories using video is often outweighed by the time, expertise and outside resources needed to produce these videos.  Especially in the Learning and Development world, video creation is the one area where content creators and instructional designers don’t feel comfortable just giving it a shot.  In this video, we will take you step-by-step through the proven Wisetail video production process from a filmmaking novice’s point of view.  We’ll give you both the insight and techniques needed to tell your cultural stories using the tools (smartphone & laptop) already at your disposal.

The process and techniques of how to shoot video on a smartphone are both very important.  But the real secret has nothing to do with video production or having fancy gear and everything to do with identifying the authentic stories within your organization.  Our expertise is in documentary style videos where these stories unfold in the words of the real people in your organization.  As the documentary has become more and more popular as entertainment, it has also grown as a language audiences instinctively understand – making documentary videos a perfect medium to tell cultural stories.  After watching this video we hope to instill you with both the knowledge needed to create a video and the confidence to begin a project of your own.