Why use an LMS?

To Grow a Passionate Workforce.

Growing a passionate workforce is more than our marketing message, it’s our mission. The answer to “why use an LMS?” could easily be about standardizing employee training or reducing time to productivity or improving customer service or any number of very real and important key performance metrics. Or the answer could be more Learning and Development (L&D) focused by focusing on developing people through learning supported by better tools. OR the answer could be specifically about software – the reasons for an LMS having more to do with the efficiencies and cost savings of having online resources and the tracking of records in one place.

We support all of these answers and agree with them. We just feel having a passionate workforce is the MOST important reason to use an LMS because it sets the philosophical foundation for all Learning & Development programs. We believe the L&D department of any organizations is in the most powerful position to shape and mold not only the skills of an organization through training but the culture through communication and learning. If you combine these two ideas it has a huge impact on what kind of Learning Management System you choose and what kind of company you choose as a partner. The reasons to use an LMS become much more than a checklist of features in an RFP. It becomes a checklist of features in support of a higher purpose.


What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of typical gaming elements into the software experience as a technique to drive engagement in the LMS.

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