What Is Computer-based Training?

Computer-based training is any sort of training delivered through a computer.

It’s kind of self-explanatory, but also not. Computer-based training has been around as long as the internet—well before the internet was commonly used.

There’s a lot you can do with computer-based training, so let’s go through the benefits of it.

Computer-based training makes it easier to ensure a standard of training. It gives every learner the information in the same way. And it lets you provide the same quality of training to everyone as the business scales up, especially when paired with a modern learning management system (LMS).

It’s essential to pair your computer-based learning with a modern LMS.

Without a cloud-based LMS, the learning strategy you worked so hard to implement will only be accessible in a handful of specific places: wherever the software was installed. That was a great plan for the 1990s, but smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous. Your learning material needs to be available on any device at any time.

Putting your training online and making it accessible through devices—whether a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop—that can access the internet streamlines training and spreads knowledge.

When learners are able to find the information they need when they need it, they’re more productive at work and they’re more engaged with the learning system you created.

Of course, one concern that’s raised from time to time is whether you can be sure a learner has actually learned the material.

Computer-based training is typically done through an LMS, which gives you the ability to track learners’ progress through the required material. But you can also use blended learning to mix the consistency and scalability of computer-based training with the practicality of real-world, in-person training. The most important part of training is the ability to put it to use, right?

Developing computer-based training can be costly. Not all LMSs have a built-in eLearning authoring tool. So sometimes you have to seek out a third-party system to build out the course material needed.


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