What Are Common Features Of An LMS?

Each learning management system (LMS) provider puts their own unique twist on the software, but they all share a common set of features.

Administrators need to create, publish, and assign content. Learners need the ability to interact with the content and each other. Administrators need the ability to track each learner’s progress. And to top it off, the LMS must be engaging.

So, let’s go through the pieces that allow an LMS do just that.

Content management tools—these are at the core of an LMS. A modern LMS lets you create your own content and assign it out to individuals or groups. These tools are how you build a curriculum or training paths for learners.

Assessments and testing—are key because they help track learners’ progress and development. You should check with the vendor to see what types of assessments their LMS offers. Multiple choice quizzes are great, but sometimes you need a learner to show someone in person that they’ve mastered a new skill.

Mobile optimization—people use their smartphones and tablets for just about everything. An LMS needs to work on these devices if you want learners to really take to the system and use it all the time. Plus, the information is more likely to stick with a learner if they have access to the information when they need it and can put it to use right away.

Reporting—because you need to know who’s using the LMS and how they’re using it. A modern LMS has a handful of reports that help you learn more about the system. Good systems let you pull back the curtain on every level—from learner transcripts to course completions to how many people logged in last month.

Communication—a good LMS lets learners interact with the content. After all, only 10% of learning comes from formal coursework. The LMS needs to give learners a chance to talk back and forth, to share knowledge that comes from experience.

Gamification—let’s be honest: sometimes learning stuff is boring. Gamification is a way to spice things up and get learners more engaged. Gamifying an LMS doesn’t mean turning the system into an arcade game. It can be as simple as assigning points to certain functions in the system and putting up a leaderboard.


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