What are the advantages of an LMS?

Everything from building culture to improving learning program efficiency.

There are many advantages or benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS). Broadly they run the gamut from increasing efficiency to creating a framework to communicate and develop culture. If you’re just beginning to learn about how your organization can benefit from using an LMS to deliver eLearning content, below are some initial advantages to consider:

1: Communicate Your Culture

Not all LMS systems provide functionality to support culture and community. However, if an LMS does have a feature set which allows users to not only consume training content but participate in cultural communication and learning – it’s a distinct advantage for any organization. Especially as the workforce skews younger and the influence of Millennial’s preference to work for organizations who mission and values align with their own, the capability to deliver cultural components in an LMS is a tremendous benefit.

2: Centralized and Consistent Learning Content

When leveraged properly an LMS will help any organization simplify and streamline learning content, programs, courses and support materials. By drawing content from one single source and having one central location to update and upgrade courses – consistency is easy. It’s necessary and welcome result of how an LMS functions.

3: Tracking, Reporting, Data & Analytics

By measuring and tracking every detail throughout (from logins to course completions to voluntary collaboration and much more) Learning & Development is armed with powerful data from which to draw insights, make adjustments and make informed decisions. Without trackable data, decisions are not based on information but data changes the game.

4: Reward & Recognize Positive Behaviors

  • Foster professional & personal development
  • Provide one and two-way communication avenues
  • Recognize and Reward positive behavior
  • Create community
  • Reduce Learning and Develop costs
  • Easily scale learning and training programs
  • Simplify and streamline learning
  • Easily update and upgrade content
  • Support live, in-person training with online materials


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