What is Gamification?

The addition of gaming elements to the LMS experience for deeper learner engagement.

Gamification is the application of typical gaming elements into the software experience as a technique to drive engagement in the LMS. How gamification functionality is used to support traditional learning management is wide and varied. By using techniques such as levels, points, badges, leaderboards, and user profiles – trainers can create eLearning experiences which appeal to a learner’s desire to compete and achieve in addition to learning. Gamification also encourages a friendly spirit of competition with themselves to achieve more than before and even to compete against other learners. Applying gamification principles to learning has been shown to increase collaboration, foster greater learner independence, increase learner engagement, and promote healthy competition among employees.

Points, Levels, Badges

Incentive learners by awarding points and badges as they progress through training content. Create levels to create a sense of accomplishment among learners.

Competition Drives Engagement

Gamification can increase learner engagement by incentivizing achievement but only if the achievements are public and valuable in the learning community.

Personal Motivation

Game designers have long known now gamification taps into how virtual rewards such as levels, leaderboards, badges, and recognition impact an individual’s motivation to both challenge themselves and tackle a set of obstacles. By incorporating gaming methodology into online learning, you can present training information and improve a learner’s desire to complete the training.

Personal & Community Growth

A crucial element to effective gamification within an LMS is the existence of a vibrant online learning community where achievement is public and celebrated. Much like in social media platforms such as Facebook, the social recognition associated with positive personal achievement is multiplied immensely when seen in the context of a learner’s professional peers and leaders.

Gamification Features & Functionality

User profile
Accumulate points for everything they do in the system.
Completing training
More activity = more points
Leaderboard functionality
Awards and badging.


What is Instructor-led Training?

Instructor-led training is the classic, traditional way of training and learning. You’ve got a teacher and a bunch of students, and the instructor teaches those students through formal means.

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