2017 Wisetail Way Award Winner

Bar Louie and Charlie Ehler, their Educational Content Creator, won the 2017 Wisetail Way Award for cultivating a tone and voice that resonates with their learners.

The Wisetail Way Award celebrates and recognizes innovators who transform how people learn and grow, the heroes who fly under the radar while making their companies great places to work.

Learning & Development is essential to every organization. Success hinges on whether employees have the skills and know-how to get jobs done. And since the L&D professionals crafting those courses and pathways do almost all their work behind the scenes, we created the Wisetail Way Awards to recognize and celebrate the great work we see all the time.

Bar Louie and Charlie Ehler, their Educational Content Creator, won the 2017 Wisetail Way Award. Ehler led the development of Backstage, Bar Louie’s LMS, and cultivated a tone and voice that resonates with learners. Backstage has one of the highest levels of adoption and engagement of all Wisetail clients.

“Bar Louie is a local bar with over a hundred locations. Every single Bar Louie looks different, every single Bar Louie is crafted to that locality. Bar Louie Backstage is our LMS and it’s where our team members go to just learn everything Bar Louie, not just how to make drinks, not just how to make food, but actually how to be Bar Louie,” Charlie said.

Charlie goes above and beyond, from making his own videos to publishing new content and updating existing material (following our unconventional guidelines).

“He’s just moved the needle in such an incremental way that it has grown leaps and bounds. Because he’s so engaged with the brand and because people are so attracted to that, I think that that has had as big a role with people being engaged with Backstage as anything else.”

Jenny Scott, VP of Human Resources

“Training content or other required material that normally isn’t that entertaining, Charlie makes it fun.”

Kelsey Schaufler, Director of Client Experience at Wisetail

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