Enhancing Accessibility and Engagement Across the Organization

April 29, 2024 • 7 minute read

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Parachute Home is a retail brand that has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the home essentials market. Renowned for their focus on comfort, quality, and craftsmanship, Parachute offers a wide range of products that include premium quality bedding, bath linens, and other home accessories designed to enhance everyday living. Operating on a direct-to-consumer model, Parachute Home not only prioritizes the well-being of its customers but also champions ethically responsible manufacturing practices.

the challenge

Existing LMS Shortcomings

The Parachute Home team faced significant challenges with their previous learning management system (LMS). Nikki Maldonado – who runs Parachute Home’s Learning & Development (L&D) department – explained that the previous system was restricted to store managers and assistant managers, leaving a considerable gap in training accessibility across the organization and creating miscommunication between managers and frontline workers. Without a dedicated L&D department, Parachute Home struggled with tracking completed training, offering continuous learning beyond onboarding, and with engaging team members meaningfully. Their content was primarily text-based and on paper - lacking interactivity and failing to captivate the team's attention. 

the solution

An LMS Upgrade for a Unified Organization

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and engaging LMS, Nikki and her team swiftly implemented Wisetail. This transition was driven by the desire to have a platform that could reach every member of the organization - from retail and customer-call-center employees, to the corporate team - and serve as a centralized hub for ongoing training and communications  – company-wide. 

Extending Learning Opportunities with Observation Checklists

To start a culture of continuous learning with validation, Nikki and her team implemented Observation Checklists. Observation Checklists allow all team members to indicate when they're ready to have their knowledge tested, and all managers to assess their employees. Managers can validate knowledge and application using these checklists; this empowers employees to challenge themselves through tests and to continue coming back to learning info they don't know. Additionally, Observation Checklists give employees of Parachute Home a nudge to go a step further in feedback and insight. 

Events as a Training Tool

Parachute’s L&D team embraced the LMS’ events feature to organize employee events. The events feature is instrumental in facilitating live trainings on professional development topics, such as DEI or Black History Month. The simplicity and efficiency in which Parachute’s admins can limit seats, manage registrations, and host teams significantly enhanced Parachute’s ability to deliver valuable educational sessions efficiently. The ease of setup and execution for these events provided accessible and impactful learning experiences for all participants. 

Paving the way with Custom Learning Paths

Parachute Home wanted to ensure their learners would quickly and seamlessly complete the training tracks meant for them. The key to quick, seamless training is to ensure learners only see exactly what they need to see, at their time of need. To achieve this goal, Nikki and her team built custom learning paths targeted toward individual roles within the company. Nikki and her team also curated a library of learning materials based on feedback from a company survey. This library contains learning materials from LinkedIn Learning modules, to podcasts, and more – all to accommodate different types of learners. By providing alternative and engaging types of media and bringing in external content, Nikki gives team members the power to further their training. 

the Benefits

Empowering Continuous Growth

Parachute used Wisetail to create a simple, yet effective LMS with these simple features. Learners can navigate fluently through their required training courses, validate their knowledge through observational checklists, and then take the next step in their careers with extended learning opportunities through events or externally sourced training. Nikki achieved her vision for continuous development and a culture of self-improvement for all employees at Parachute with this single unifying platform. Parachute Home’s retail employees now enjoy full access to an array of sales and product training, all designed for various learning styles and needs. “L&D guides the way with a learning roadmap, enabling the learner to drive to their destination,” Nikki says about her vision for L&D at Parachute. 


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