2017 Wisetail Way Awards

Wisetail Way Award Individual Acknowledgements

Rookie of the Year

Best Content

Best Design

Best Site Refresh

Community Builder
Tanny Nanda – Noodles & Co

Best Bug Report
Chris Schricker – Dave & Buster’s

Wisetail Way Award Winner – 2016

We are excited to present the 2016 Wisetail Way Award to SoulCycle. The NYC-based indoor cycling company has become a powerhouse in the boutique fitness world over the last ten years. The L&D team at SoulCycle has shown exemplary use of The Wheel, its Wisetail implementation. Utilizing beautiful site design, working to create a seamless brand experience, and building innovative learning courses helped SoulCycle stand out amongst this year’s nominees.

Wisetail Way Award Winner – August 2015

Peggy Rubenzer and Joanna Siegel
We are excited to announce Peggy Rubenzer and Joanna Siegel of Shake Shack as the winners of our 2015 Wisetail Way Award. We’re proud to honor Shake Shack’s visionary approach to employee engagement, employee training, their intense obsession with details and their ongoing commitment to treating employees as customers.

Wisetail Way Award Winner – June 2014

Angela Chesmore
Whether you are a L&D profession or not, Angela Chesmore of Ascension Information Systems should definitely be on your radar. Angela and her team’s compassionate and innovative approach to Learning & Development is dramatically transforming how people learn and grow in healthcare. We are honored to present her with our second Wisetail Way Award.

Wisetail Way Award Winner – February 2014

George Donahue
If you’re in L&D and you don’t know George Donahue of Zoës Kitchen, you should. His fresh, innovative perspective on Learning & Development is changing the rules on how training can drive employee engagement, brand and growth. We are honored to present him with the first Wisetail Way Award. Follow @George_Donahue today.