Celebrating Earth Day: A Partnership for the Planet

Ali Knapp, President 

Championing Earth Day has been a fundamental aspect of Wisetail’s culture.

We are honored to collaborate and partner with the National Forest Foundation and the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

The National Forests and Grasslands provide Americans with 193 million spectacular acres of wildlands.  These lands underpin America’s outdoor recreation heritage and support our lifestyle. They supply water to millions of Americans across numerous communities, purify our air, sequester carbon, and offer timber, minerals, oil and gas, and other resources vital to industry and society.

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust links individuals to the natural landscapes around us by conserving open spaces and developing trail systems. Their efforts create opportunities for people to explore the outdoors, safeguard habitats for our region’s iconic wildlife, sustain working farms, and provide top-notch outdoor recreation from our Main Street to the Mountains.

In 2023, Wisetail donated $942 to Gallatin Valley Land Trust and $9,113 to the National Forest Foundation.

As Wisetail continues to grow, it is our responsibility to contribute value to sustainability efforts for our company and also as an individual.

If these lands did not exist, America would be profoundly different. Earth Day serves as a yearly reminder of the significant impact climate change has on our planet, our lives, and our future. We hope to raise awareness and inspire change!