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5 Must Have L&D Resources in 2023

Wisetail | 3 min read

Creating your Learning and Development strategy for the New Year is an important, if not somewhat daunting task. It strongly influences and determines the course of the year, and there are a lot of different factors that should be considered. It’s imperative to ensure that your employees have access to tools they need to propel your organization’s goals and vision forward, while providing them with structure and support they need to learn and grow.

To help your team create a solid (yet flexible) L&D plan, we have compiled a quick list of resources that can help you shape your 2023 strategy.

  1. Learning & Development as a Strategy. Owners, managers, team leaders, and employees all need to be in sync with the company’s vision and goals. This is where the L&D team shines. By synchronizing collective priorities, and empowering employees with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their work performance, the L&D team helps everyone align with their company’s vision.
  2. Overcoming Onboarding Obstacles. A structured onboarding strategy increases engagement, productivity, and ultimately, retention. A positive onboarding experience instills new hires with more confidence in their roles on a shorter timeline.
  3. Methods of Interactive Learning. Effective L&D initiatives are hands-on, experiential, and interactive. Interactive learners are more likely to retain information, apply it skillfully, build on their new skills, and feel empowered, engaged, and invested — all, incidentally, qualities valued in employees.
  4. Using Technology to Humanize the Learning Experience. As the world continues to digitize and virtual tools grow more abundant, technology should be harnessed to support more human-centric learning strategies and enhance employee experiences. Flexibility, growth, and employee empowerment are all important factors for retention, and help businesses develop stronger employee-oriented cultures, connected internal communities, and supportive, continuous learning experiences.
  5. Transitioning from Training to Enablement. Training teaches an employee what they need to know, enablement helps them apply what they have learned on the job, quickly and successfully. A focus on the learner experience and employee enablement can turn training from a cookie-cutter onboarding process into a personalized, empowering experience.

While we don’t know for sure what 2023 has in store, we do know that providing your employees with tools to overcome daily and unpredictable obstacles goes a long way. Enabling them with technology, interactive learning experiences, and unwavering support from leadership will help your organization be ready for change, and allow your team to pivot when necessary.

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