Methods of Interactive Learning

Rachell Robson| 2 min read

Looking to the Future

Passive learning is a thing of the past. Effective learning and development initiatives are hands-on, experiential, and interactive — and interactive learning is here to stay. 

Interactive learning allows instructors to invite trainee participation in the online learning experience. Online content can include micromodules designed to fit into the busiest day, video content to educate and entertain, and social and training group interaction via discussion boards.

Interactive learning is holistic and adaptable to all learning styles. Interactive learners are more likely to retain information, apply it skillfully, build on their new skills, and feel empowered, engaged, and invested — all, incidentally, qualities valued in employees.

Elements to Consider for Interactive Learning

Can you incorporate interactive learning into your company’s learning and development strategy? Even if your business requires a certain amount of memorization and testing, there is always room to add interactive learning elements to your training processes. 

  • Virtual group discussion forums allow employees and trainees to share and brainstorm ideas, concerns, suggestions, and solutions freely among their cohorts. 
  • Gamification, friendly competition and teamwork also build camaraderie among employees. 
  • Business simulation programs guide employees through training scenarios to practice decision-making and problem-solving. 
  • Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and curated, cloud-based content offer even more learning opportunities.

Learn More About LMS & LXP Solutions

Let your employees learn in engaging, dynamic, interactive ways. Below are resources to learn more about how to incorporate interactive learning. To learn about Wisetail, watch a demo on-demand here. To explore a solution for your organization, request a live demo here.


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