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 Client Case Studies

Discover how our clients infuse learning creativity with key performance indicators to maximize ROI. Explore their innovative approaches to building robust, all-encompassing L&D systems out of the Wisetail solution.

Parachute Home struggled with tracking completed training, offering continuous learning beyond onboarding, and with engaging team members meaningfully.

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USE CASE: Enhancing Learning Accessibility and Engagement Across the Organization with Parachute Home

To achieve their goals faster and sustain them over time, Polarity Partners turned to Wisetail’s LXD team to convert their comprehensive Polarity Certification Program, and two 300+ page companion field books into a series of digital eLearning courses.

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Navigating Leadership Challenges: Polarity Foundations in Action

To align operational, safety and quality assurance processes globally, Intertek Caleb Brett partnered with Wisetail to create a comprehensive training library consisting of 14 modules in four languages.

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From Inception to Impact: Crafting Caleb Brett’s Comprehensive Training Library

Bagel Brands L&D team turned to AI for the extra support in creating training content and updating the new Shift Leaders program.

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USE CASE: Enhancing Learning and Development at Bagel Brands Using AI

To support the success of their franchise stores, Salata’s leadership team identified the importance of making all L&D materials accessible.

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USE CASE: Using L&D to Set Franchisees Up for Success

To streamline learning and ensure consistency across all franchise locations, Slim Chickens implemented an operational checklist solution.

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USE CASE: Ensuring Operational Consistency at an International Scale

As Olga’s Kitchen continues to scale, it’s even more important that they can consistently deliver LTO training to all of their employees, and ensure that time-sensitive lessons are learned on schedule.

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USE CASE: Accelerating Training Turnaround to Maximize Return on LTOs

To keep our remote workforce engaged and minimize turnover, Wisetail has found success by implementing an employee-to-employee recognition program.

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USE CASE: How Wisetail Levels Up Gratitude and Increases Retention

Learn how Link Property Management instituted an innovative and fun employee recognition program using their LMS.

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USE CASE: Using Recognition Programs to Inspire Employees and Revive Culture

Bagel Brands refined its onboarding and training methods using its LMS, and created a people-centric approach for building closer relationships with employees.

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Bagel Brands: Extraordinary Results With “Essential” LMS

Learn how Local Favorite Restaurants boosted employee compliance by integrating innovative certification features in their training.

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USE CASE: Centralizing Certification Training and Tracking to Increase Compliance with Local Favorite

Learn how Crack Shack empowered their employees to own their onboarding through intuitive navigation and streamlined learning pathways.

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USE CASE: How Crack Shack Empowered their Employees and Saved Valuable Time through Intuitive Navigation and Learning Pathways

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