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Use Case

How Crack Shack Empowered their Employees and Saved Valuable Time through Intuitive Navigation and Learning Pathways

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The Challenge

Getting Numerous Trainees Up To Speed, Quickly

Since opening their first location in 2015, Crack Shack has grown from a single location to seven. There are no signs of slowing down either, as they are slated to open 30+ new locations in the next five years. While this expedited expansion is fantastic for their vision of the future, they encountered a fresh challenge. With all of their new employees, they were in desperate need of a quick and easy solution to to standardize training for their rapidly growing team.

What’s more, their solution needed to be agile enough to accommodate learning in the midst of the fast paced restaurant environment, but rigorous enough to effectively convey information that employees would retain long term.

The Solution

Creating Intuitive Navigation to Streamline Learning Pathways

While the bustling restaurant industry can be a sink or swim learning environment, Crack Shack recognized that they could provide more supportive training conditions for their busy trainees. To assist new hires, they realized that they needed to make the onboarding and training process more accessible, and ensure trainees could quickly locate the next step. To help accomplish this, they turned to their LMS, Cluck University, and invested heavily in the organizational development of their home page and learning pathways.

Prioritizing Training Materials

While implementing Cluck University, their L&D pros realized they needed to first organize and prioritize their training materials in order to figure out how to properly configure their homepage.

By placing top priority materials front and center, busy trainees could easily access the modules with no opportunity for distractions. They also used eye-catching graphics consistent with their playful brand standards to naturally draw the eye to the top of the page, where those modules lived.

Establishing Intuitive Navigation

Crack Shack couldn’t stop at the homepage though. They knew they needed to guide employees through the entire training process to prevent modules – and their employees – from getting lost. They needed to create a straightforward, intuitive path from module to module.

When a new employee navigates from the homepage to their training course they quickly find each module required for that day. The layout was intentionally created to guide employees through an easy step by step process. As soon as the first module is complete, the next module is presented at the bottom of the page.

This acts as the call to action, and if by some chance an employee gets lost, the navigation bar at the top of the page illustrates their location within their LMS. This ensures that employees won’t waste valuable time feeling lost within the platform – they can always return to the previous pages with ease.

Implementing Live Floor Training

As new employees complete their training sessions, they eventually reach designated stopping points within the training modules. At these stopping points, they are directed to find their training supervisors and put their new knowledge to the test.

This path from online modules to live floor training allows Crack Shack employees to apply their new knowledge right away. This ultimately increases retention, cuts training time exponentially, and allows employees to feel trained and ready to assist their teams much quicker.

The Benefits

Empowered Employees, Decreased Time to Productivity

Cluck University’s strongly organized home page and easy to navigate learning pathways fulfilled Crack Shack’s need for an agile training system. The dynamic blend of digital content and hands-on learning empowered new employees to own their onboarding, feeling confident that they always knew the next right step. As a result, they have cut their training time and are able to get new employees to the point of productivity faster.

Their LMS was purposefully crafted with the intention of promoting easy accessibility and navigation. Their established learning pathways allow for a culture of support to exist comfortably in the restaurant industry. No matter what the particular circumstances are that day, their LMS ensures that even the busiest employee can learn effectively. Ultimately, they have been able to harness the fullest potential of Cluck University and provide their employees with a genuine chance to grow and develop their abilities.


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