Slim Chickens sought to streamline its learning processes and leverage technology-based solutions to ensure compliance with their brand standards.

Use Case

Ensuring Operational Consistency at an International Scale

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The Challenge

Streamlining Learning Processes and Compliance Across Multiple Locations

Slim Chickens is a fast-casual restaurant chain, specializing in fried chicken, wings, sandwiches, and other southern inspired menu items. Since their founding in 2003, they have expanded to more than 100 franchise locations across the United States, as well as several internationally. 

To continue scaling, the leadership team at Slim Chickens recognized the significance of maintaining operational and brand consistency across its franchise locations. They wanted to ensure that guests would come to know exactly what type of quality and service they could expect when visiting a franchise restaurant location. For these reasons, Slim Chickens sought to streamline its learning processes and leverage technology-based solutions to ensure compliance with their brand standards.

The Solution

Adopting a Modern Checklist Solution

To streamline learning and ensure compliance across all franchise locations, Slim Chickens adopted the OnTrack checklist solution. They use this as an operational assessment tool, to verify each restaurant is meeting franchise standards, and to provide measurable data insights for every location.

Ensure Daily Operational Consistency

To ensure operational consistency, managers use OnTrack to assign tasks with due dates to team members. This helps team members stay organized and ensures that they are completing the necessary tasks on time. Team members can also attach relevant digital media and documentation to checklist tasks in the flow of work, which allows managers to view how tasks are being executed.

Scoring to Track Compliance

Scoring is attached to daily checklist tasks to track things like the quality of fresh hot food, cleanliness of facilities, and friendliness of employees in order to quantitatively determine whether franchises are meeting brand standards. Management can pull reports based on task scoring, determine specific areas that need attention or improvement, and implement corrective actions right in OnTrack to regain compliance. For example, if food is not the appropriate temperature, managers can further break down the specific tasks needed to ensure cooking and heating methods are being utilized correctly in the future.

Incident Reporting and Documentation

Slim Chickens uses OnTrack to generate instant in-house reports for guest and team member incidents, allowing team members to tag others, attach media, and set pertinent dates to prevent information from getting lost. By housing this information in OnTrack, managers can quickly receive and take appropriate action steps, and implement proactive measures to minimize future risk. 

Furthermore, this data enables managers to conduct performance audits and capture operational information in real-time, helping them assess task effectiveness and identify areas for improvement among employees.

The Benefits

Consistent Quality = Increased Customer Loyalty

After implementing OnTrack, Slim Chickens has been able to offer consistently high-quality food and service experiences, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention. With the ability to identify and address issues in real-time, managers have been able to improve operational efficiency, save costs, and increase revenue, ultimately ensuring long-term success. Finally, by capturing operational information from every franchise location, managers have gained  important insights they use to make data-driven decisions and continuous improvements. The results are consistently superior products, increased profitability, and a loyal fan base of customers who keep coming back for exceptional experiences.

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