Use Case

Navigating Leadership Challenges: Polarity Foundations in Action

with Polarity Partners | 7 min read

Polarity Partnerships has a proven framework, process, and tools to enable individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their goals faster and sustain them over time. Wisetail’s LXD team seized the opportunity to convert a comprehensive Polarity Certification Program, and two 300+ page companion field books into a series of digital eLearning courses. These online courses empower leaders and organizations to achieve their desired futures through the development of dual strategies that supplement Or-thinking with And-thinking.

The Challenge

Simplifying Complexity for Scalable Learning

Polarity Partnerships faced the challenge of converting and scaling complex concepts, processes, and tools into a format that was easy to understand, access, and scale. Charged with extracting core concepts from dense source materials, Wisetail’s LXD team translated the critical core principles and practices into a relatable and engaging series of 8 eLearning modules.

The goal was to create an asynchronous online certification program that would successfully guide leaders through complex situations with refined ways of thinking to achieve better outcomes. This included overcoming significant obstacles such as resistance to change and extreme polarization.

The Solution

Crafting Engagement through Storytelling and Interactivity

The instructional designers distilled sophisticated professional and personal challenges into simple and relatable stories to engage a diverse audience of learners. By embedding quizzes within the SCORM modules, learners could absorb information and test their understanding frequently throughout their development journey. An abundance of interactive elements facilitated optimal engagement, provided immediate feedback, and reinforced critical learning objectives. This approach ensured learners were appropriately challenged while not becoming overwhelmed.

The Results

Navigating Complexity with Confidence

A comprehensive, nuanced, and thoroughly engaging “Basics in Polarity Practice” emerged, guiding learners through a personal and professional development journey brought to life through storytelling and interactive elements. Wisetail’s LXD team raised the bar on what could be achieved utilizing the SCORM delivery method, to enable rapid learning and synthesis of content normally requiring significantly more time and resources for both learners and content providers.

The Benefits

Enhancing Learning through Interaction and Real-life Scenarios

Forty years of foundational teachings were successfully translated into modernized, digestible modules that stayed true to the nuanced framework of Polarity. Within a short timeframe, Wisetail’s LXD team honored the core message and improved the medium, making it relatable to leaders navigating complex challenges. This collaboration further strengthened Wisetail’s expertise in the leadership and organization development space; both Polarity Partnerships and Wisetail collectively gained insights and new perspectives.

  • Interactive SCORM activities can support simple and complex learning objectives through approaches including multiple-choice, matching, and drag-and-drop options.
  • Instructional design strategies leverage real-life stories and animated videos to make complex situations and abstract ideas more relatable and relevant to learners.