Use Case

From Inception to Impact: Crafting Caleb Brett’s Comprehensive Training Library

with Intertek Caleb Brett | 7 min read

With unmatched expertise in global commodity inspection services and testing since 1885, Intertek Caleb Brett has been a reliable leader in the field. Caleb Brett recognized a significant opportunity to align operational, safety and quality assurance processes globally and, in response, partnered with Wisetail to create a comprehensive training library consisting of 14 modules in four languages.

The Challenge

Building from Scratch with Precision

Facing the challenge of starting from scratch, Caleb Brett engaged Wisetail to understand their unique needs and build a training library tailored to their processes. Wisetail took the lead in doing the heavy lifting, asking the right questions, and synthesizing information effectively. Without any pre-existing official training, Wisetail collaborated to identify key topics, supplied templates, and conducted interactive sessions to help define learning objectives and goals.

The Solution

Multilingual Mastery and Interactive Expertise

Drawing on Wisetail’s in-house expertise in instructional design, writing, and editing, the team developed 14 modules delivered in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The content was presented in animated and interactive formats, packaged using SCORM. The training library exemplifies Wisetail’s proficiency in delivering multilingual solutions, meeting the diverse needs of global teams and developing learning experiences from concept to completion.

The Results

Global Alignment and Ongoing Growth

The implementation of the training library provided a significant alignment of processes across global teams within Caleb Brett. The positive impact is evident across learners and stakeholders. As a result, Caleb Brett and Wisetail’s LXD team continue to foster their relationship and actively work together to expand on their training library.

The Benefits

Tailored Success Through Collaboration

This collaboration allowed Caleb Brett to start from scratch, tailoring the training library to their specific needs and reaping the benefits of engaging multimedia content, effective instructional design, and interactive SCORM activities. The successful partnership between Caleb Brett and Wisetail, resulted in a tailored and multilingual training solution.

  • Animated videos create engaging, customized learning experiences based on unique processes, ensuring that standards are clearly and visually defined.
  • Instructional design strategies, including micro-learning and quizzes, improve retention and application of knowledge, enhancing overall performance and skills.
  • Interactive SCORM activities encourage engagement and retention of knowledge, fostering a more interactive and participatory learning experience.