Adapting to the New Norm

Learn how Hello Alfred pivoted their business model in the face of a pandemic in this webinar.

About This Webinar

Hello Alfred has made a significant switch to how it operates in a very short amount of time. Before the pandemic, the company provided an array of task-oriented consumer services, ranging from laundry to dog walking. Since entering this new normal, at-home services can no longer take place. In response, its leaders pivoted the entire business model to an offering called “Alfred Delivers.” Their LMS, the Batcave, has been essential to company-wide communication and coordination now more than ever. Watch Hello Alfred discuss how this business shift happened and how they have leveraged their LMS to educate employees across 20 different cities on this new program.

Hello Alfred employee Ally Martinelli.

Ally Martinelli

Operations Project Manager at Hello Alfred

Hello Alfred employee Hannah McWilliams.

Hannah McWilliams

Communications at Hello Alfred

Customer Marketing Specialist at Wisetail LMS, Lana Dalton, poses for a headshot.

Lana Dalton

Customer Marketing Specialist at Wisetail