Beyond Training

Turning your LMS into an Intranet


The purpose of an intranet is to share company information amongst employees. When we think holistically, the purpose of an LMS is the same—a place to share and deliver company-wide training. So, why not bring those two items together and make this the one-stop shop central to your people’s daily workflow? Join Louise Schelhammer, one of our sales engineers here at Wisetail, and Lana Dalton, our internal marketing specialist, to chat about how to turn your Wisetail platform into that central hub for all internal documents, announcements, and resources for your employees.

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Three different ways you can turn your LMS into a central hub for your entire employee base
  • Examples of how other clients have turned their LMS into an intranet using Wisetail’s specific features
  • Demo of how to update modules and documents using the Wisetail admin tool

Lana Dalton

Internal Marketing Specialist at Wisetail

Louise Schelhammer

Sales Engineer at Wisetail