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Scaling with Your LMS

Wisetail | 3 min read

Scaling means something different for every business, but it typically involves more employees — sometimes a lot more — who need to get up to speed quickly. Scalability is an essential feature of learning management systems. Without it, a sudden user increase means less effective learning for employees and a more frustrating experience for Human Resources. Your business, its employees, and the HR department rely on your LMS for ongoing training, data collection, reporting, and compliance certification. 

So, when your business grows, your LMS must be ready to grow with it.

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The importance of scalability

An LMS is a long-term investment — one that must grow alongside your business and continue to function optimally for every user. As your company grows, achieves its goals, and sets new ones, learning and development needs will change. Change always comes with a measure of challenge, but lack of adaptivity can make even the most positive change difficult. A scalable LMS can see your business — and all its employees — through every stage of growth and change.

Consider these questions:

  • Is your LMS responsive to your company’s changing needs? 
  • Is it adaptive to changing goals, a broader scope, and an expanding business structure? 
  • Can it easily manage exponential audience growth? 
  • Will every member of your expanding workforce be able to access training materials without overwhelming your system? 
  • Can your L&D team easily add or adjust learning content, resources, and data metrics? 

With a reliable, scalable LMS platform, your L&D team will confidently answer, “Yes!” to all these questions. 

A scalable LMS can see your business — and all its employees — through every stage of growth and change.

Is it time to scale your LMS?

How will you know it’s time to scale your LMS? The signs are clear:

  • Slow loading and system lag 
  • Buggy behavior
  • Excessive downtime 
  • Backend backlogs 
  • Missing or clunky automation 
  • Reporting difficulties and delays 

If your company’s LMS is known for one or more of these failures, it’s time to refocus on scalability.

The best LMS platforms help you manage your team and guide your business through the implementation and scaling of your L&D operation.

Features of a scalable LMS

Scaling a business often demands hiring an influx of new talent. If your objective is to provide a highly functional platform for as many learners as possible — as quickly as possible — you need confidence in the capabilities of your LMS. 

What features stand out in a successful, scalable training platform?

  • Content management. An effective LMS has intuitive, user-friendly content management tools at its core. These tools make it simple to create new learning content, assign it to learners, build custom training curriculums, and drive continuous improvement — no matter how many learners you give it to manage. 
  • Flexible modules. Drag-and-drop, no-code creation, and batch upload features make building, adjusting, and expanding learning modules a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days, weeks, or even months. Change modules quickly to optimize training for every learner in your organization.
  • Automated certification. Certification gives learners an incentive to complete training modules, but manually generating certificates takes time your HR department doesn’t have during periods of large-scale growth. Customizable templates and automatic data population make quick work of both certification and recertification. 
  • Custom reporting. Reports allow you to measure the success of training and scaling efforts. Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track and generate automatic reports to ensure your L&D and HR teams receive essential data on the progress of your growth and expansion initiatives. 
  • Essential expertise. The best LMS platforms provide you with a solid, dependable team of expert learning professionals to guide your business through the implementation and scaling of your L&D operation.

Scaling your business is no small feat. To ensure every employee — from new hires to high-level leadership — can access the L&D resources they need for scaling success, begin your growth operation with an LMS guaranteed to see your business through every challenge along the way.

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