How Effective Is Your Company’s DEI Training?

Rachell Robson | 2 min read

DEI training is essential in the modern workplace, and building or choosing an effective program is an enormous responsibility. If you’re intimidated by the gravity of the content or overwhelmed by the possibilities, find your approach by measuring what matters.

Elements to Consider for Interactive Learning

Before you begin designing or choosing a DEI learning strategy, evaluate the relevant policies and procedures already in place, and look for improvement opportunities. Follow this framework: 


  • Identify the resources dedicated to DEI. Look for gaps in representation, compensation, retention, and promotion. Once you understand your company’s DEI weaknesses, look at reallocating resources to address those gaps. 
  • Focus on SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Without them, new DEI measures can quickly evaporate into a vague collection of good intentions. 
  • Create an all-in atmosphere around DEI. Don’t limit new initiatives to leadership and HR personnel. Use your DEI learning program to give every employee the chance to create intentional habits for inclusivity. 
  • Acknowledge differences in experience. Everyone has an experience, but not all experiences are the same. Create a work environment in which differences are acknowledged, considered, and celebrated. Build a common vocabulary of concepts and expectations. 
  • Be transparent. Employees are invested in the changes they’re asked to make. They need to see measurable progress. Be intentional and vocal in support of positive change.
Dave & Buster's LXP, Funhub, Diversity/Inclusion page. Banner at the top says Diversity, Equity, Inclusion with three buttons below: Meet the Team, Now@, Q&A. Below is an interactive SCORM piece. On the right is a quote: "Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."

Learn More About LMS & LXP Solutions

Effective DEI programs begin with accessible L&D opportunities. Build DEI into all your L&D initiatives with a custom LMS or LXP. Let your employees learn in engaging, dynamic, interactive ways. Below are resources to learn more about how to incorporate DEI initiatives. To learn about Wisetail, watch a demo on-demand here. To explore a solution for your organization, request a live demo here.


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