Wisetail’s Virtual Series: Cocktails + Community

Jamie Kenison | 1 min read

Real Life Displays of Turning Companies into Communities

We are embarking on the two-year anniversary of this pandemic. While we don’t know if it’s a “congratulations for coming this far” or a “can we take a nap yet,” we do know it has been impressive how quickly the world has pivoted to become primarily virtual. Life has gone on and we have found ways to connect via our laptops and phones. 

Wisetail’s virtual event series Cocktails + Community or Coffee + Community (depending on the time of day 😉) is a monthly community series where Wisetail clients share how they’ve bridged the gap between their LMS/LXP strategies and their teams to further establish community. 

In our November event Coffee + Community, Nick Kyle of Bagel Brands and Samantha Stroupe of Port City Java sat down to discuss their best practices in learning and development. They also shared how they use their respective learning management systems to increase retention through engagement and recognition programs. Check out the recap below to see how Bagel Brands and Port City Java utilized their LMS to bring their community together and get the most interaction out of their short-style content. 

For this month’s Cocktails + Community, Christian Goff of Torchy’s Tacos will show us how his L&D team uses their LMS Taco Dojo to bridge the digital and physical worlds all while boosting morale and engagement. It’s not too late to register for the event tomorrow, January 14th. See you there!