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A Peek Behind the Curtain: Wisetail’s Take on Employee Appreciation and Engagement Programs

Wisetail | 4 min read

Our slogan is “turning companies into communities,” and there’s no better way to show you how to use our LMS and LXP solutions to turn your company into a community than to show you how we do it here at Wisetail. 

During our Internal Peek Behind the Curtain webinar, we sat down with Emily Wood, Wisetail’s Internal Learning Management Specialist, as she walked us through how she keeps employees engaged and promotes company culture in a remote world using our own LXP, Apex.

Image: Mockup of laptop computer and tablet showing Wisetail's LXP, Apex

Apex is our everything: our manual, keeper of programs, details, and one source of truth. It’s where we keep information about our processes and procedures, but it’s also a place where we stay updated on what’s going on in the world of Wisetail, celebrate our personal wins, and expand our knowledge of new topics both internally and externally to our company. 

There is always something new to see in Apex. You can check out what other departments are doing, read all-company updates, and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries on our Discuss page.

Another way Emily encourages engagement is with monthly themes. She announces the theme each month with a banner on the Apex homepage, and provides resources to expand Wisetailers knowledge on the topic.

This month’s theme is Sustainability. Wisetailers are encouraged to share their “green tips” for sustainable living in a dedicated idea board and their favorite spring photos in the #getoutside user contribution campaign. Emily also provided links to an eco footprint calculator and to, where you can learn more about the holiday and find ways to celebrate Earth Day 2022.

Photo: a mockup of a computer monitor showing Apex's homepage with a banner announcing April’s monthly theme: sustainability

As the workplace continues to evolve, Wisetail has too. Many of our most beloved programs started when we were all working at the office in person. Through Apex, we can now bring these programs to Wisetailers no matter their location. 

Check out some examples of our engagement programs below, or hear Emily talk all about them in our How Wisetail Uses Wisetail – An Internal Peek Behind the Curtain webinar.

Badge of bird on skateboard; screenshot of Wisebird screen on Wisetail's software, text reads "Send a virtual Wisebird"; hand holding phone looking at redemption screen

Our “Wisebird” employee recognition program is our longest running program. The term Wisebird originates from the freeskiing word sickbird. If somebody steps in and saves the day, totally crushes a big project, or does something awesome that moves the team forward – give them a Wisebird! When we were still in the office, Wisebirds were given out as postcards. Now, the program has been completely revamped and brought to an online audience. Instead of a postcard, Wisetailers give a profile badge with a recognition message in Apex. The recipient gets to redeem each Wisebird earned by choosing from a selected pool of gift options and have it shipped directly to their house.

We have quite the competitive side at Wisetail, and nothing brings that out quite like our quarterly trivia event. We have brought trivia from the office to an online space through the use of our trivia Slack channel. On trivia day, the host presents a question in the channel every hour, on the hour. The first person to answer correctly wins that hour and gets a prize. Trivia winners also get a badge for their Apex profile to showcase their wit!

Our Whole You program is how we continue to invest in our employees by challenging them to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. Every quarter we gather together virtually to learn about a new topic from an expert speaker. Past topics have included financial wellbeing, how to fix a bike, yoga, effective leadership, and many more. Whole You events are recorded and posted in Apex so they can be watched and enjoyed by Wisetailers again at their convenience.

Whether your company is remote, in person, or hybrid, we hope that taking a look at how Wisetail uses Wisetail will help you engage your workforce and create a culture that will thrive in any environment.

Catch the rest of our conversation with Emily below.