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Did You Know Wisetail has Advanced Tools?

Jason Bacaj | 5.2 min read

Wisetail is proud to announce a new set of tools designed to support your business: people, process, and performance.

People, process, and performance are three integral pillars of any successful business. These tools combine with the Wisetail platform to provide a scalable training solution that drives business results and moves as quickly as you. Wisetail gives you the tools, flexibility, and control to engage and grow your learners at home, in the field, or in the office. 


Create an engaged community of learners and build alignment toward shared goals. 

Your people—and how you communicate with your people—is more important than ever. Our multi-language  functionality makes communicating with your team as frictionless as possible by providing learning and communications in their most familiar language.

Recent research shows that the workforce in the U.S. is more diverse than ever: most new hires of workers ages 25-54 were people of color for the first time in 2019. And it’s reported that the Latinx population will make up as much as 20% of the labor force by 2028.

The Wisetail platform, via the built-in polling widget, allows learners to identify the languages they speak fluently, so you can focus on the top one or two non-majority languages used within the organization and design content around them. 

Being able to deliver crucial information to employees in their native language means they can comprehend it more quickly and easily, reducing the chance for misinterpretation.

As the global workforce continues to become more diverse, the demand for multilingual training will only grow. Organizations that take steps today to begin building out these training opportunities will benefit from better informed people today — and more engaged and loyal people tomorrow.


Make day-to-day learning and operations manageable with a tool designed to simplify.     

Digital capabilities are becoming nuanced enough to handle operations needs, and Wisetail’s Daily Checklists Tool empowers you to standardize frequently done tasks or processes. It gives you peace of mind through previously unattainable visibility into day-to-day tasks, and allows you  to analyze and optimize important daily processes.

Daily Checklists allow employees to use desktop or mobile devices to document and track tasks completed throughout the workday. Wisetail checklists are completely customizable, so you can build them to fit industry-specific safety and compliance standards.

The end result is that all your team members, managers, and leadership have a central, digital source of truth for mission-critical, daily to-do’s. 

Daily Checklists also lend a much-needed level of consistency in employee expectations and performance, while layering in accountability and sustainability. Keeping paper documentation at locations is onerous and, for sanitation reasons, becoming an outdated practice. With digital Daily Checklists you can simplify and streamline — a powerful way to refine your operations and find ways to profitably grow.


Drive results where they matter and recognize excellence.     

The Wisetail Data Connector is essential to driving future success for organizations that prize data-driven decisionmaking. It’s an enterprise data solution that grants you access to the raw data needed to map the impact of your learning and training initiatives on your business’ goals and KPIs—to show ROI, to optimize operations.

After all, you know your organization best. We’re just here to make you look good. Strengthening performance depends on an ability to leverage data and organize it in a meaningful way.

The Wisetail Data Connector is built on Snowflake, which means you can plug your data into almost every business intelligence and analytics tool on the market. Your organization adds more and more data points every day, and we can help you turn that knowledge into actionable insights.

The Future of Learning

Our driving purpose is to deliver learner-centric tools and elegantly simple technology that empowers your organization. Wisetail brings you learning solutions powerful enough to tackle today’s challenges and flexible enough to respond to the opportunities of tomorrow. 

Whether you are reaching people in their native language, digitizing daily routines, or exploring new methods for analyzing business performance, the Wisetail platform’s advanced tools meet you where you are and opens the door to future growth. Let’s get to work!

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Jason is a content creator with Wisetail. Through research and interviews, he works to help L&D pros grow the breadth of their knowledge. He’s a recovering journalist fascinated with learning.