To the Women Who Lead Us… At Wisetail

Wisetail | 3 min read

To work within a tech-company that holds women in the majority of executive leadership roles is to know the feeling of being valued, success being supported, and winning as a team. Just how? Through the pillars of relentless positivity, an emphasis on well-rounded workplace culture, and the hardy work-ethic that outpour from our leadership and radiate throughout our teams. 

“A lot of the time, we lead through influence. My leadership journey began when I was influenced by a direct manager who motivated me to want to be that uplifting person for my team. From early on, I have had role models that really inspired me, propelling me to focus on the pieces that push success forward – such as accomplishments and performance.” President Ali Knapp reflected. 

As a team member of Wisetail under this style of leadership, we feel that. Within our culture, growth is encouraged, all voices are amplified, and no conversation is unhad – prompting all paths to lead to a focus on accomplishments. Wisetail has fostered a culture that holds a heavy emphasis on people. “To be a good leader, you need to be relentlessly positive. You need to be driven and lead by example. You also have to be supportive and empathetic,” Ali Knapp said.

Not only has this has helped shape our leader, it is also evident in so many other positive, driven, and supportive female in-leadership roles that influence our success in the day-to-day at Wisetail.

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