As we embark on 2024, we find ourselves at a familiar trailhead, ready to navigate the year's challenges and victories together with our team, whether we choose to walk or jog along this path to the summit. While an aerial view to the top would be nice, we can only look to a compass of our favorite L&D leaders, like Josh Bersin, to guide you through predicted trends and upcoming developments, and to give you a few out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to prepping your own L&D programs. Check out our top list of L&D resources for the year! 

#1: 2024: The Year That Changes Business Forever | Josh Bersin
#2: Why L&D is critical to driving employee retention in 2024 | Gautam Tambay, People Management
#3: The Eight Biggest HR Trends in 2024 | Bernard Marr, Forbes
#4: Nine expert predictions for learning and development in 2024 | Maddy Christopher, TrainingZone
#5: What's Ahead in 2024? HR Leaders, Other Experts Share Predictions | Kathy Gurchiek, SHRM

Josh Bersin is always a good idea. This podcast episode tackles the pivotal changes businesses are facing due to labor shortages, AI-driven transformations, and organizational redesign. Bersin predicts a shift from hierarchical structures to dynamic organizations, emphasizing innovation, customer closeness, and cross-functional teamwork. He also highlights the growing importance of AI in various business aspects, from HR to product development, and the necessity for companies to adapt to these changes to remain competitive and efficient.

> What we really loved:  Everything Josh Bersin. You can’t go wrong with his podcast, particularly this episode.


People Management and Gautam Tambay, co-founder and CEO of Springboard, emphasize the critical role of L&D in driving employee retention in 2024. Tambay discusses how L&D can prepare employees for rapid technological changes, enhancing their adaptability and job satisfaction. Tambay argues for a shift from traditional job-focused work models to more dynamic, skill-based approaches, leveraging L&D for greater employee engagement, career progression, and organizational productivity.

> What we really loved: Tambay's quote in the article: Instead of sticking with the old model of work in which employees are assigned a single static job and told to do it over and over again, companies should harness the power of L&D to enable more flexible forms of work that will not only keep employees engaged through continuous development opportunities, but will also boost organizational efficiency and productivity.”

The Eight Biggest HR Trends in 2024Bernard Marr, Forbes


Bernard Marr's article "The Eight Biggest HR Trends In 2024" discusses key trends in human resources, focusing on managing the varied implications of digital transformation in the workplace. It emphasizes the increasing role of Generation Z in the workforce, the evolution of workplace culture, and the challenges of accommodating different expectations regarding work-life balance and diversity. The article also explores the growing importance of flexible working arrangements and the use of advanced technologies in HR practices, while considering the challenges in maintaining corporate culture and team dynamics. 

> What we really love: We really enjoyed how contributor Bernard Marr clearly laid out what those working in employee and people management will be focusing on this year: managing the human implications of digital transformation.

Across the pond, TrainingZone UK offers up nine predictions for Learning and Development in 2024, emphasizing the increasing relevance of personal resilience, the strategic application of AI in L&D, and the critical role of L&D in shaping organizational culture. They’ve highlighted the growing importance of the Chief Learning Officer, the need for effective DEI initiatives, and the benefits of using generative AI for internal data analysis. Additionally, they discussed the challenges faced by HR and L&D in keeping pace with AI advancements and the resurgence of apprenticeships and peer coaching in modern workplaces. 

> What we really loved: The entire article, honestly. With a huge emphasis on people, TrainingZone establishes that the ones in charge of L&D and DEI programs are at the forefront of workplace success.

The experts are experts for a reason and this SHRM article presents various expert predictions for human resources in 2024, focusing on skills-based hiring, investment in training, and continuous learning and development. It highlights the importance of supporting managers, addressing the challenges of the return to office policies, and adapting to the increasing influence of Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce. These predictions reflect significant shifts in HR practices, with an emphasis on adaptability, technology integration, and evolving workplace dynamics.

> What we really loved: This article is all about enhancing the back-to-basics of HR success - support your people, and they will support you.

Now that you have your compass in hand, it’s time to hit the trail, and lead the way into 2024.  

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