In last month’s Demonar event with special guest VP of Product Evan Melick, we unveiled groundbreaking enhancements to Wisetail’s product suite. This special Demonar not only highlighted the innovative strides in Wisetail’s learning and operational tools, but also solidified our commitment to empowering Wisetail community clients and frontline workers across the globe. 

Introducing Wisetail's Upcoming Content Management Solution 

Wisetail VP of Product Evan Melick kicked off the Demonar with an introduction to Wisetail's latest advancements—a suite of tools designed to streamline operations and enrich learning environments. With a keen focus on accessibility and usability, these enhancements are set to transform how teams interact with learning + content management systems and operational checklists. 

Evan Melick

VP of Product


We all know that work moves fast. We certainly hope that the training we’ve all been painstakingly created, curated, and delivered will be remembered and recalled by each of our team members in their time of need. But, we also know that our training is competing for mind-share,” Evan Melick says. “Not only do we need to set our teams and organizations up for success through meaningful learning experiences, we need to be providing quick access to information, offering easy access in the flow-of-work to the right information will build team member competence. This will ultimately result in consistently delivering those positive guest experiences were all striving for.”

But – What Does This Look Like? 

The cornerstone of Evan’s presentation was the introduction of Wisetail's new Content Management Solution. The benefits are manifold: 

  • Instant Access to Decision-Making Information: Whether on the floor or on the move, frontline managers and workers can access training materials and resources directly from their mobile devices— both online and offline. It is critical to your organization’s growth and success. 
  • Extended Learning Experiences: With the ability to quickly access information, frontline workers build competence and confidence through curated content organized by topic or need – that is searchable, too!  
  • Streamlined Content Management: Updates to training materials are synchronized across all devices and platforms, ensuring consistency and compliance. This allows users to access selected content using the same content library as the LMS and Operational Checklist. 

Looking Ahead 

As we move forward, the focus remains on enhancing the user experience and meeting the dynamic needs of a global frontline workforce. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a transformative journey for Wisetail and our community of users. 

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