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Learning Experience Design Part 2: Learning Efficiency

Mary Zahran | 4 min read

Learning Created to Save Time, Effort & Money

In this three-part series we are exploring why LX, “Learning Experience,” is critical to creating a thriving company community. If you missed our first post, Part 1: Design your learning experiences to foster community, you may want to rewind and start there!

We know that exceptional LX is created and maintained by our client admins. This means our impact awareness must incorporate the experience of the people who turn the levers behind the scenes. That’s where our concern for time, effort, and money savings comes in. Savings in these areas usually creates a pleasing experience, but equally, figuring out how to prioritize each element will generate better overall L&D outcomes. You’ll end up with a more comprehensive library, without breaking the bank.

No matter where you are on your learning journey, we’ll bet that content creation is on your list. You may be starting from scratch, digitizing binders and paper documents, or updating outdated material. Whatever it may be, it’s fairly consuming work that you probably want to figure out how to prioritize your time, effort, and money in relation to.

Quality Time

The rate of change today is no joke. It can be time consuming ensuring employees have the latest information. Most of us are comfortable purchasing training that checks-the-box on compliance and government mandated materials — but let’s be real — it’s not the most compelling content. We all know some training content “is what it is” because of compliance, so what about all the rest? Determining what should be a part of your well-rounded L&D, skills, leadership, and wellbeing libraries (to name but a few) is just the start. You’ll need to figure out what constitutes your modern, media rich, and engaging content. You will also need to coordinate across departments, manage budgets, and keep everyone to deadline. 

Woah, there! What about prioritizing all that time and energy on critical business and core brand content – the stuff that can only be created in-house and that really needs your knowledge. And for the rest, let’s consider other options! 

‘Grab & Go,’ or ‘Off the Shelf,’ courses could be just the ticket. Grab & Go courses like the ones created by Wisetail’s LXD team, are curated by subject matter experts (SMEs) in each represented topic. This means that the SMEs do all the research, course creation, select engaging media options, add appropriate testing for knowledge retention, build the SCORM — and, they ensure that industry standards are the baseline. Yes, just the baseline. What does this mean for you? Time saved that you can use to instead focus on the content for which you are the SME.

All that sounds awfully convenient. Let’s make sure you know how to navigate the options.

Spend Wisely

Price implications should be considered for your use case. Courses are usually sold in more than one way; by user, location, or views. If the content is part of learners’ growth paths, they may want to view it over and over. In which case, you may want to consider location or user pricing. 

Price may indicate the level of interaction or sophistication. Think about what will help your audience engage and learn, and choose based on that. There may still be times for fully text-based content, but more often than not, you should look for highly interactive courses that use a mixed-media and testing approach. Price tags may vary across vendors for interactivity and media types. 

You may be able to find vendors that can incorporate your brand and logo into some aspects of their Grab & Go content. Generally this will bump up the price. However, it will still land under that of fully branded, customized material created specifically for your brand, whilst offering just the right amount of personalization.

Finally, our suggestion is to find a vendor that’s happy to provide you demos. If you’re able to see robust examples of the content or work through a sample yourself, you’ll have confidence that what you’re buying will suit your training needs.

Take it Easy

Grab & Go courses are ready to roll, so the only deadlines are those you impose. Once purchased, you simply load it all into your LMS or LXP and release it to your learners. Brands looking to bolster their content library with a wide range of knowledge and skills training will see results from prioritizing their content creation endeavors, and save time, effort, and money with Grab & Go content.

Luckily we have you covered. Check out our LXD services section on our website here. Or if you’d like to demo Wisetail’s Grab & Go content and you’re already a Wisetail client, you can contact the LXD team via The Drop. Otherwise, get in touch via email,

Part three of the blog series is coming up in two weeks! Stay tuned to learn about how custom content can be the ticket to keep learners engaged and connected to your brand.