Key Tools for Franchise Growth

Wisetail’s LMS supports franchise growth with a modern and intuitive user-interface, multi-level reporting, and advanced training tools.

The mix of corporate and franchise-owned locations presents a challenge to L&D professionals working to ensure consistent communication and training.

You’re working at scale and with a diverse group of franchisees. You need a specific set of tools to put in place a learning strategy that fosters franchise growth and employee development.

Each location, whether corporate or franchise, needs to offer a consistent, quality experience. It’s impractical for your team to visit each location, but with the right Learning Management System (LMS) you can provide that consistent training.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is a fine-tuned online tool that efficiently manages training, development and engagement. You can create and distribute content and manage training in the most organized, efficient way possible.

Your LMS gives franchisees both the freedom they need to operate and a direct line to corporate.

“The Studio (Jazzercise’s LMS) has kind of become our little class hub for franchisees. It’s a connection to corporate, number one, which is really, really important, but it really houses everything they need to run their business. Everything from the smallest little tips like how to do a themed class to help with pricing.”

Shanna Nelson, President of Jazzercise

How can an LMS help you?

Maintaining the vibrant culture that spurred your company’s growth becomes more of a challenge with more franchise locations. Telling the company’s story—where it came from, where it’s going—is one of the best ways to communicate culture across franchise locations

An LMS supports company culture in part through branding. But beyond branding, you need to interact with employees on the LMS.

An LMS with social features—like the ability to comment and upload content—gives employees the ability to talk with each other and with you. Employees who can hear from and talk with the company’s decision-makers are much more likely to engage with the culture.

Conversations can happen in a course’s comments section or in a topic-specific forum. Employees asking questions and creating conversations around content is a sign that your L&D strategy is working. A high level of engagement helps turn your LMS into a source of institutional knowledge that eases the learning curve for new employees and encourages franchise growth.

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