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Supporting corporate wellness initiatives through your LMS.

Organizations across all industries are incorporating employee wellness into their company’s incentive programs. From enabling employees to workout while on the clock to a monthly budget for wellness.

Companies are leaning toward a more unconventional way of what it means to support employee wellness at work. Beyond the integration of this in the workplace, the recurring question remains: what does ‘wellness’ mean for companies and, moreover, what could it mean for employees and their overall satisfaction and effectiveness at work? It has been shown that promoting wellness has a positive effect on productivity — with quantifiable results — while simultaneously improving the overall health of the workplace in general.

By introducing a variety of incentive programs companies are not limiting employee wellness to the physical realm, but incorporating community and mental health as well. Companies are participating in community events and charitable fundraisers, from clearing trails to raising money for a disaster relief. Companies are discovering that employees want to have a purpose, but they are finding that being a part of that purpose is what’s making wellness a habit.

Wisetail LMS partner Studio Movie Grill and their wellness program "Much Love".

The Studio Movie Grill LMS featuring their Much Love page.

What an LMS does for Employee Wellness

How can you help encourage wellness through the workplace? It’s simple. Create a platform for wellness initiatives. Investing in an LMS is investing in your company’s overall wellbeing. Wisetail partners are able to engage often diverse communities of employees through social and communication features, which allow for topical and opinion-based discussion boards. This is a great place to ignite company communication from all levels and locations and makes it easy to get everyone involved from the CEO to frontline employees.

Wisetail LMS partner Dave and Busters and their wellness program "H.E.A.R.T. Fund".

The H.E.A.R.T. Fund discussion page on the Dave & Buster’s LMS.

Who is Well

Studio Movie Grill created a place to generate employee stories, entitled ‘Much Love’. This is a place where employees can share customer experience stories or other highlights that took place at work. Open to any employee to share a message, this is a great way for SMG employees to celebrate a key company goal and cement their community around core values. Dave & Buster’s started something similar, utilizing a discussion board, the ‘H.E.A.R.T. Fund’. It stands for ‘Helping Employees At Rough Times’, and while applications are private, the visibility on the LMS makes a public display of support for employees. It’s been especially important in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane and floods experienced in Texas.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

The smartest companies know that culture is a competitive advantage, where you treat employees like customers and give everyone a voice in your community.

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