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Elements of a Successful LMS or LXP

Estee Woods | 2 min read

Do You Need a LMS or LXP?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are both used to deliver training and development content to employees. The difference between the two lies in who controls the content. An LMS, the more traditional learning platform, is administered by HR, learning and development, or team leadership. The assigned administrator controls all content, including any input from users. The LMS learning journey is designed by the administrator and incorporates gated milestones for tracking and reporting data. LMSs are useful for mandatory training, certifications, and documenting compliance, and in use cases where learners compete, such as supply chain or reseller partners, a more formal LMS is the best solution. 

An LXP is a user-centric learning platform. It typically contains required internal training — similar to an LMS — but also incorporates external resources, user-generated content, and social features that center around the learner’s experience. While interactive features increase engagement, creativity, collaboration, and sharing of resources, personalization features allow users to discover content related to their skills and areas of interest. 

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Elements to Consider for Learning Solutions

Whether you need a formal LMS, or the social and communications tools of an LXP, consider these elements when choosing your solution:

  • Social Interaction: Does the solution allow for interaction among users, input, and shared content? Evaluate if your learners need these features. A more formal LMS might be needed because your learners compete — for example reseller partners or supply chains.  
  • Customizable Features: Can the platform be aligned with the needs of your organization even as you grow and change?
  • Content Building: Can you easily build, revamp, and scale content according to your ongoing organizational needs?
  • Support: Is assistance available to you when you need it — from implementation to day-to-day management of the platform?
  • Reporting: Can reporting be automated easily and comprehensively?
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Learn More About LMS & LXP Solutions

Below are resources to learn more about LMS and LXP solutions. To learn about the Wisetail LXP, watch a demo on-demand here. To explore a solution for your organization, request a live demo here.


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