Use Case

Achieving Easily Accessible Content

with Christian Brothers Automotive | 8 min read

The Challenge

Fast Growing Franchise

Christian Brothers Automotive is a fast growing franchise auto repair company. They have expanded to 250 stores in 26 states and needed to scale L&D communications quickly. Within their learning platform, The Flywheel, they housed communications for the masses. From the franchise leadership management, all the way down to service technicians, they developed one go-to resource for their entire team to utilize. This began driving high learning engagement rates within their teams and for a franchise business model.

Since their launch in January 2022, they have an incredible number of active users, logins, and module completions. How did they do this? Through organic branding and an easy layout, their service development program called Automotive Service Development Training, and content access codes.

The Solution

Easily Accessible Content

Organic Branding + Simple Layout

Christian Brothers Automotive recognized the importance of making content easily accessible. Manager of L&D, Lauren Strang, knew that to adopt a blended style of learning into company culture, she had to make it easy for her wide-spread teams to log in and get what they needed.

Through organic branding and a simple layout, The Flywheel became easily recognizable and easy to navigate. Lauren and her team set up an introduction guide for navigating the site’s different videos, primary pages, and feature functionalities.

christian brothers automotive's LMS, "the flywheel", home page. banners, modules, announcement, and welcome video on this page.

Automotive Service Development Training

Christian Brothers Automotive offers many training programs like their service development training program where they laid the groundwork for a six-week program. All franchise owners and service teams can find all necessary service information in one easy-to-reach place as a downloadable PDF.

christian brothers automotive's LMS, "the flywheel", genesis toolbox and resources page. banner with modules to different topics.

Access Codes

And finally, through access codes, Lauren and her team were able to make content availability automated. With automation comes efficiency. Christian Brothers Automotive uses access codes to let users access final exams for courses they have completed. These codes are automatically distributed to the user the moment their course list is checked off as done! Access codes also allow the L&D team to customize learning by giving user profiles access to exactly which learning modules they need.

wisetail lms for christian brothers automotive, "the flywheel", new franchisee training page

The Benefits

High Completion Rates

The structure of accessibility Christian Brothers Automotive has intentionally developed into their learning strategy has benefited their franchise teams immensely. With some of the highest number of logins, active users, and educational module completions, the proof is in the pudding – this is a definite correlation between easy, efficient learning access and completion rates.