Streamlining Operations: The Fitness Industry’s Guide to Daily Success

We've flexed with some of the fastest growing fitness brands in the industry. Together, we've discovered that cultivating vibrant studio communities of dedicated team players — who champion your brand and inspire others — is key to keeping your business charged.

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Learning Solutions for Fitness

Optimize operations, ensure consistent training, and improve efficient feedback –  all to keep your team in harmony. Leverage Wisetail to refine training while facilitating scalable growth. 

Key Benefits

Scale Efficiently

Experience cost efficiencies as you grow. Manage trackable, centralized communications, quickly deploy consistent training, and roll-out timely promotions for your network to sell and win new customers.

Train Exceptional Trainers

Make sure every class is up to par when you deploy consistent, engaging, media rich content to trainers at all locations. Create mobile friendly micro content to be consumed on-the-go for busy schedules. 

Cross-Train & Upskill Employees

Create nimble studio teams able to flex in times of change when you provide cross-training for multiple positions, and give managers the ability to track and leverage a range of skills.

Enhance Studio Culture

Bring studio culture to life for all locations in your network when you encourage sharing – pictures, videos, and stories from the field – with our engaging social features. 

Features That Go to Work For You

One-Stop Shop
  • Quick links 
  • Integrations 
  • Asset & document repository
  • Centralized communications
  • Culture & brand building
Your Branded Space
  • Custom login images 
  • Create custom site logo
  • Upload brand fonts & colors
  • Configure all page widgets
  • Default thumbnails & banners
Modern Content
  • Media rich content 
  • Embed media
  • Drag & drop builder made easy
  • Interactive e-Learning types
  • Micro, visual & audio learning
Efficient Operations
  • Digital Daily Checklist tool 
  • Save & schedule reporting
  • Configurable reports
  • Admin roles & permissions
  • Compliance tracking

Smooth Operations - Daily

Implement an operations solution that grows with the industry. Bring daily studio culture to the hands of every team member, everywhere.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Reduce time to productivity when you deploy strategies that support work-in-the-flow. Deliver ongoing development in an engaging format right from day one – and start seeing better results. 

Solutions for Fitness

Successfully execute on your Learning & Development and people strategies.


instructor team

“The sharing of this new theory or posture used to take weeks if not months, but now we can post a video, run the analytics on who watched it, then decide whether we need to do more outreach all within one week!”

–– Master Training and Small Business Development Leader at barre3

Client Stories

How the Best Get To Work

Discover how our clients infuse learning creativity with key performance indicators to maximize ROI. Explore their innovative approaches to building robust, all-encompassing L&D systems out of the Wisetail solution.

Parachute Home struggled with tracking completed training, offering continuous learning beyond onboarding, and with engaging team members meaningfully.

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USE CASE: Enhancing Learning Accessibility and Engagement Across the Organization with Parachute Home

To achieve their goals faster and sustain them over time, Polarity Partners turned to Wisetail’s LXD team to convert their comprehensive Polarity Certification Program, and two 300+ page companion field books into a series of digital eLearning courses.

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Navigating Leadership Challenges: Polarity Foundations in Action

To align operational, safety and quality assurance processes globally, Intertek Caleb Brett partnered with Wisetail to create a comprehensive training library consisting of 14 modules in four languages.

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From Inception to Impact: Crafting Caleb Brett’s Comprehensive Training Library

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